Top 10 reasons why fall is king


Let’s get this out of the way – fall (autumn) is the best season of the year. Unquestionably, unequivocally, and any other ‘un’ word you want to throw in there. We all agree on this, right? Okay. Sweet.   Moving on.   This list is written from the perspective of an Ohioan living in a temperate climate complete with 4 seasons. We have 3 other seasons to ‘consider’ when we’re trying to decide on the best, but let’s be real.   The winter is the winter. Cold, miserable, dark. It has Christmas but that’s about it.   “Summer,” You say? Humid, miserably oppressive (in terms of heat) where all outdoor activity and exercise must be complete before 6:00 am or after 9:30 pm. I agree that the summer vacation is crucial but do we want to anoint an entire season for 1 week… 2 if we’re lucky? Not in my […]

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What are job benefits really worth?


If you’ve had a job, you’ve had a talk about benefits with your friends or family.   “Well, the salary is a little lower than I’d like but the benefits are nice.” Or, “I need this job for the benefits.” Or, “Benefits. What benefits?” Or, how about this one, “This job has the perfect salary and a ton of benefits!”   We’ve all heard that last one, right?   I had one of these talks with a job searching friend the other day and it spurred this question: How much are job benefits really worth? We’re talking cash value. Healthcare, retirement, time off, and other ‘benefits.’ What percentage of your paycheck. So, compared benefits from different jobs that I’ve had, in addition to jobs of friends, to get a breakdown for the benefits given in 3 different job types (government job, private career-type job, and hourly work job).   Keep […]

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Parenting is the most important job


Forewarning: this isn’t going to be one of my typical posts… But my dad turned 60 yesterday, and it has me thinking. I’ve stuck to writing about fitness, finance, and some ‘funny’ family stories for the last 6 months, and it’s been a blast. For the most part I’ve gotten great feedback, the audience continues to share the posts, and people keep coming back. So, thank you guys so much and no worries, we’ll be back to usual next Tuesday. If you’re interested in a little variety, though – humor me for the next 700 words or so. Thanks in advance. – Mike Here’s the needed background so that you’re not completely lost. As I said above, my dad (Pops) turned 60 yesterday. He was 30 when they (him and mom) had me. I am 30 now and as you may or may not know, we recently had Clara. If you’re […]

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Keep the muscle, burn the fat (guest blogger – Mel)


Mel, our resident clinical research nurse, is back to help you figure out how to keep the muscle while burning that pesky fat. She’s loving your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below or email Mike. Thanks for reading! It’s 2AM and you can’t sleep so you decide to get up and watch some TV.  Surfing to see what’s on, you stumble across some infomercials.  This one catches your sleepy eyes…  “Want to look like this?” The narrator asks. “Or this?” “… ‘Fat burn’, the latest technology in burning the fat and keeping the muscle, has been proven to transform fat into muscle in just 2 weeks!” “…Order now by calling 1-800-fat-burn and you will receive an extra…” Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep AND build muscle while we burn the fat?   The answer is – YOU can! And it’s free!  Well, almost.  It will cost […]

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The business of fitness, with Mighty Mick


  I was in the living room, on the ground, staring up at the rotating blades of the ceiling fan. My heart was beating through my ribs and sending percussion waves to the glass of water on the table next to me (slight exaggeration). It was in the low 90s outside with what felt like 100% humidity. That, for some reason, seemed irrelevant during my earlier decision making process. Oh, and I was coming out of a 5 day’er (sickness) that came complete with fever, aches, pains, and an overall inhibitor of gross motor skills. Needless to say the timing wasn’t ideal. But enough about the past…   My 18 month-old daughter came over with a dripping wet cold cloth, sent from the wife, handed it too me and ran off to grab her, “Baaawl!” (ball). All the while I’m thinking, “My heart rate will decrease at some point, right? […]

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The best purchase I’ve made as a new dad


  Ha – just kidding with the above picture. Although this has been useful at times. (Won this in a bet from my dad when Clara turned out to be a girl. We’ll save that story for another day). This story is about the best dad purchase I’ve made – ever.     Marty McFly had the DeLorean, Batman has the Batmobile, Michael Knight had KITT, and POTUS has Air Force 1. These gentlemen count on these respective modes of transportation to get from A to B, or present to past. Point is, one is synonymous with the other. There would be no world-saving, peace-treaty-negotiating, Biff-dominating, or Gotham-defending without the mobile ‘side-kicks.’ My best purchase as a new dad is no different…   The Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller (in the color of Fern) has been instrumental in promoting my abilities as a husband, father, and athlete. Additionally, if […]

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Sit down and make a budget (financial pillar #3)


If you have tried to save money, spend less, improve credit, or build wealth at some point in the past, chances are you’ve heard that making a budget is a huge step in achieving your goal. If you’re anything like the previous version of me (I’ll call him splurgy Mike), then chances are you read the words about making a budget, they proceeded through your eyes, reached your brain, and were immediately disregarded. “I’ll just watch my spending and the money will save itself up eventually. I don’t need a budget…”   Flat. Out. Wrong.   Does a surgeon cut into someones chest and think, “A little patch here, stint there, maybe some stitching in this region, then this heart should basically heal itself?” No. They have a detailed plan. A football coach makes a game plan each week (topical and timely analogy). When a president proposes to balance a […]

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Three steps to trim your annual health numbers (guest blogger – Mel)


Yes, it’s that time again!  Around this time each year, many of us are presented with our health care plan “options” in the work place.  But, before you can decide what “option” is best for you, it is important that you know your “health” numbers.  It’s not only in the best interest of the employer (healthy employees keep employer health care premiums down) but also in YOUR best interests as YOU move toward a healthier YOU! Better yet, some employers are offering incentives.  That’s right, if you get a series of screening tests, some employers offer a monetary deduction (or incentive) for just getting the tests done.  Why are health screenings so important to YOU? Because screening tests look for diseases before you have symptoms. Understanding your “health” numbers is the best prevention!   But, you say, “All of this can be so confusing”.  “What are my numbers”?   “What […]

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Timing and circumstance as keys to improving your fitness


Hi Team! I wrote this post for a fellow blogger who was kind enough to let me post on her site. It outlines 6 keys to using timing and circumstance as tools to improve your overall fitness. Here’s an excerpt (if you want to see the whole thing check it out here):   Have you ever walked out of a job interview kicking yourself for not giving the absolute best answer to a question? You’re replaying the moment in your head over and over again and wondering why, “I just work too fast,” was the answer that popped into your head as the interviewer asked, “What is your greatest weakness?”   “Really? That’s just about the most generic answer you could’ve given,” you think to yourself. At that moment you commit to forget about it, move on, and open the door to the building as you step outside and the sunshine […]

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Pre workout energy boost! – Guest blog (Dini)


This is a guest blog from Dini at With a passion in health and fitness and her added certifications as a fitness consultant and a weight management coach she wants to make a difference by seeing more people around the world lead a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.   What should I eat before workout? I have been asked this question quite a lot “Can you guide me on what I should eat before workout?” Nutrition before workout is very much an individual thing. The timing of your food will vary according to the time of the day you exercise as well as the type of workout you are into. What is NUTRITION? Nutrition does not mean only “food”. The definition goes way beyond…One of the distinct phases of nutrition is the intake of energy for our body to use which means understanding the different energy systems fulfilling the physiological […]

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