Summer break 2017 – weekly posts will be back August 8

Hi, Team!!   A lot has been happening lately and with that, I’m taking a few weeks off to focus more on the following: Our new dental practice – Monfredi Family Dental – had it’s Grand Opening yesterday (Monday, July 10), and I’ll be at the practice all week getting things in place and making sure the transition is as smooth as possible. (I’m 100% stoked to only have 1 job this week!!). It’s been great to see this dream come true for Monica and me after working so hard to make it happen. Thanks to all of you for the kind words and support along the way! We just got back from our (hopefully first) summer vacation, and although I took the computer – I wrote 7 words while I was away… It was a title for the post I’m writing next (that was as far as I got […]

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