Shout-out: Jocko and Leif. (Extreme Ownership- How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win)

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Hello all! Our Saturday morning shout-outs highlight a post/article/book/other that I’ve come across lately that deserves exactly that: a ‘shout-out.’ The goal here is to hopefully introduce my readers to other authors or bloggers that have had an impact on me, my writing, and my life.


This week’s shout-out is the best thing I’ve read in the last 5 years, if not ever: Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win (New Edition) by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin (both retired SEALs).


For some perspective on my feelings regarding this book: I have given it as a gift to friends, relatives, and employees alike. In fact, it is the literature we use at our business to read, describe, and discuss the culture we have implemented and aspire to in the future. All of our team members have been provided with a copy and I’ve read through and discussed each chapter with all of them individually, except for one. That individual was recently hired and we just haven’t gotten to that point yet.


What’s so great about this book and why haven’t I written about it yet (I first found out about it in 2016)?


Well, I haven’t written about it yet because I’ve been waiting to write a proper report. As that is not here yet, please let my ‘Shout-out’ suffice.


There are so many great leadership teachings in this book and the way that each chapter is constructed – with a real-life battlefield story that leads to a principle, which is then defined and finally applied to the business setting – helps to amplify and reinforce each chapter’s principle. It also makes chapter discussions easy to facilitate. But maybe the most valuable lesson I have learned after reading through this book nearly 10 times is that by putting the Team before self, not only does the team win but by definition so do your individual ambitions and goals.


This book has helped me to be a better husband, boss, employee, and person. I cannot recommend it highly enough.



Thanks for reading!


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