MikedUp Blog updates for late spring!

Hi Team!

I want to give you a quick update on some MikedUp Blog happenings.

A) You guys are crushing it! Thanks to all who turned out for fitness week this month, and to the readers who have been checking out the posts and sharing our content! We couldn’t be more appreciative. Thanks!

B) We have some exciting posts in the works that will be coming to you in the very near future. Experimentation with finding ways to save money in the monthly budget (this one may surprise you), experimentation with a variety of fitness classes and routines that us fellas typically stay away from (I’m excited to break down some barriers with this one – already in progress), and our story about a modern-day veteran – a hero – and his tough journey home.

I  hope you’ll enjoy these and the posts coming after them as much as I enjoy writing them!

C) We’ve slated next week as a week off from posting for three reasons. 1 – There are some site improvements we’re just about done with that will help our subscribers to receive better email and our readers to have a better site experience. 2 – We’re finishing up some big pieces that I want to put some good final touches on rather that rush out to you. And 3 – We have a family vacation coming up that we’re very excited for, and vacations with kid(s) take a little more work than they did without.

We appreciate you being here and look forward to sharing with you the week of Monday – May 30. We’re enjoying the start of summer and hope the same is true for you too!

Thanks for being here – we truly appreciate it!


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