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Hi, Team!


Well… Year 1 flew by. Whether you’re new to the site or one of our long-time (can I say this yet?) readers, I want to say a heartfelt, “Thank you!” Seriously. You guys rock.


The feedback, questions, and comments I’ve gotten from many of you make this experience worthwhile. Here are a few examples:


  • A friend I worked with years ago messaged me out of the blue to say that budgeting saved her marriage and that reading my financial articles brings back so many great memories of their re-kindling.
  • Multiple readers have reached out to me for help with their personal finances and fitness. Seriously! This has been a phenomenal experience! I am working with one individual that is halfway through paying off 33% worth of their annual salary in credit card debt. Another was in search of a routine and some motivation to build muscle… No worries – there are a few articles to follow on these and other experiences.
  • I have learned SO MUCH in researching for articles and in answering your questions. No worries – more Mailbag posts coming soon.
  • The fellowship and interaction with readers and other bloggers I’ve never met in person add value and joy to the fortunate life I live. Thank you, guys.
  • I have recently learned of some professionals and executives in the world of finance subscribe to and read the blog. What?!?! I mean… Thank you, sirs and madams.
  • Four guest bloggers (including a clinical research nurse, debt slayer, excess weight slayer, and all around fitness nerd) have donated their time and expertise to write (for free – thank you!) and educate us all.
  • Another friend read my Do what you love post and then started shooting and selling his photographs to website distributors.
  • People actually laugh at some stories where I attempt humor. Even if the laughter is forced and faked – appreciate it!


Keep the feedback and interaction coming, Team. I love hearing that some of these articles have had a level of impact (even if minuscule), and I also love the constructive feedback on how I could better help you achieve your goals. After all, that’s the reason I started this blog in the first place.


How about this – if you and your friends keep reading, I’ll keep the posts coming. I’m in if you are! But for now, let’s take a look back at the year that was. And we’ll do that in the way a financial blogger would. With numbers! (Thanks to Ryan at millenniallegacy.com for the format idea):


The humbling – but somewhat encouraging – numbers:


Page views – 9,242


With our best days (685) and worst days (0) coming together, we’re averaging about 25 views every day. I can’t remember the last time we’ve seen a day without a view, but I’ll touch a little later on the fact that I haven’t been giving the blog #1 priority in my “non-work/semi-professional/hobby” life. Still, I’m impressed by this number (although I was hoping to hit the 10k mark… another goal for another day).


Articles posted – 81


I was pretty pumped to see this number so high. I’ve settled into a 1-post weekly routine that works well with everything else going on in life right now but seeing that we’re able to put out posts more often that just weekly was nice. Granted, a few were from our guest bloggers (thanks for the back-up!), but with the level of research and frankly, the length of a few of my posts, they can be tough to pump out rapidly.


Quality over quantity!! (Echoes from the strength and conditioning coach in college… memories that won’t fade).


Subscribers – 55


This metric is the most important to me – #1 in my top 3 for 2017 (the next two are 2 and 3). It’s one thing to have people read a few articles here and there, but to trust you with their inbox, and then not cancel their subscription, is something I truly appreciate. I started with about 10 and have crawled up to today’s total. To you 55 – thank you so much! Sometime toward the middle  / end of this year, I plan to send out a small ‘thank you’ item to those in my subscriber list. Hopefully, by that time, I’ll need more to send out.


My big ask in the coming weeks is for you to introduce the blog to a friend and, if they enjoy the content, tell them I’d appreciate it if they became a subscriber. I promise a spam-free experience that will hopefully be rewarding in the calendar year 2017. Thanks in advance!


Blog comments – 178


My #2 focus for 2017. As I make a point to respond to every comment, you’ll see that about 89 of these comments are mine. Still, that means about 89 come from you – the readers! I really feel like some of these articles have the potential to spur some debate or at least elicit some opinions. If you’ve been holding back, now’s the time to let me know how I’m doing. Has a post inspired you? Made you think? Made you laugh? Got you all riled up? Either way, I’m all ears.


If some readers that I know in real life put their questions in the comments section rather than asking me in person, perhaps we’d all learn a bit more… It’s true, though – I’d rather have the question and personal interaction than no question at all.


Twitter followers – 115


New focus (circa the last month) and my #3 metric for 2017. A month ago I was idling at a measly 55-ish followers, but lately, I’ve ballooned up to (slight exaggeration noted) the number above. How? I’ve set up an automated system that posts older articles at regular intervals throughout the day, and I’ve started interacting with readers and other bloggers much more. I love Twitter because I can find some great articles, comments, and virtual pals on the service. If you give me a follow, you can expect to see some shared articles from other bloggers, random thoughts and photos, and the posts you may have missed from last year.


Earnings – $5.87


There’s a reason this is listed in the last position, and it’s not because the number isn’t all that amazing. It’s because I haven’t made monetizing the blog an option until recently. Even still, it’s not a priority. I told it to Monica like this: “We’re approaching double digits!!”


“Oh. You’re close to $10?”


“No, honey. But I’m well over $5!”


Maybe earn-ability will be a focus down the road, but for right now I’m having fun learning and interacting with you all. Let’s stick to that for now.



Current events and things to come


The Mrs. and I have been working on a bit of a project that I’m not able to share with you just yet, but I promise there will be articles to come in the next couple of months with details. What about – An education in finance, personal interaction, multitasking, discipline, prioritization, and organization that will (one way or another) come to the end of its current chapter sometime soon.


This project has been a decent time consumer in the evening / weekend hours that aren’t devoted to family time, so maybe there will be more frequent articles in the future…? A guy can dream, right?


Aside from “the project” I have some profile stories coming from individuals slaying debt and building muscle (different people), guest bloggers with awesome articles in progress, and I’m even seeking out my next interview piece as we speak… So stay tuned because I have big things planned for the rest of 2017.


Thanks for being here!


If this isn’t abundantly clear already – I truly appreciate you reading, subscribing, and commenting on articles that perk you up. Have any of these articles made an impact on you, similar to some of those situations I’ve outlined above? I’d love any feedback below or in the comments section of the specific post.  Lastly, I’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word and ask a friend to subscribe.


You guys and gals have been great to talk with over the past year and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us here at MikedUp Blog!


Thanks again and talk soon,
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  1. Happy 1 year Mike! Shocked to hear the numbers, perhaps if more of the casual Facebook users would subscribe it would help to bring your project to the next level. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this effort and I look forward to continued posts.

    1. Hi, Theresa and thank you as always for reading! You’ve been one of the time-tested originals and I really appreciate it. A lot of that is on me, as well. I’ll try harder to convert readers to subscribers sometime soon, but for now – I’m just happy to have you all here and enjoying the site. Cheers!

    1. “Blogiversary” – I love it and I’m stealing that one, ha. Hope it’s good with you. Thank you, Ryan. I appreciate you reading and I love reading your stuff as well. Keep it coming!

  2. Personally I’m a huge fan of the testimonials whether it be how people lost weight, saved a buck on this or that, or save time. Some cause me to act, some don’t, but knowledge is power and being empowered to make positive changes with just a few minutes of reading has been great.

    1. Jon – thank you so much for your comments and for being an inspiration yourself! I appreciate the feedback and now that our “project” has an end in sight, I’m already scheming for more testimonials and experiments. I can’t wait to hear your opinions. Thanks again!

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