2018 Life, Business, and Blog Goals Mid-Year Recap – How Have We Done!?!?

2018 Goals Recap

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Way back in January (2018) I wrote this to open my annual Goals Post:


2018 Objective: To actually write down tangible and somewhat attainable goals for the most important aspects of my life. Nothing is off limits… And with the article below, I’ve achieved my first goal of 2018 (actually writing them down).


You know what? This writing goals down business actually does have an impact. I’m going to go through my original goals post, category-by-category below and let you know how I’m (we’re) doing. Intrigued…? Me too! Oh, and heads up for the subtle announcements that may or may not be scattered about the post.


I also wrote in the original post’s introduction a plea to you, the reader:


2) Indirectly hold me accountable. Read/share this article and drop me a line throughout the year to the tune of, “Hey, man. How’s the debt payoff coming???” Thanks in advance, all.


Well, guess what? Some of you are very good at following instructions and accommodating a blogger’s requests. I’ve received multiple emails and a few in person questions about how this goal business is coming. Thanks for holding me accountable!!


Let’s see how I handled the first half of 2018, as measured against the goals I set… for myself… This seems pretty self-centered but bear with me here. I’m confident we’ll all learn something together.



OK – let’s see how we’re doing


Business/Financial goals


Grow business by 15% (Method – track production) – Moderate Win


You know the money nerd that I am has a spreadsheet to track important metrics like this one. We also have accountant projections and reports… But, as my lovely wife (and technically boss) says – “Projections don’t mean $___.”


Granted, her statement was regarding fantasy football projections, but I think the sentiment holds true. You can forecast until you’re blue in the face. But if you don’t put systems in place to achieve your goals, those goals are irrelevant.


15% was an aggressive forecast for us, given that we purchased the business on June 30, 2017and then immediately began construction on our new office. Most of 2018 had been in a sort of limbo while we prepared for our new office, marketed it, and then opened for our patients on April 10, 2018.


We’ve been fortunate to have grown the business at a 9% pace so far this year. There’s still a whole half to bump that up to 15%, but let’s be honest – 9% is pretty damn good.


Pay off 13.2% of total debt (Method – track all debt payments made on an e-file) –WIN


This was a depressing category to go through… Sheesh.


What else could we be doing with this spent cash…? Lot’s of things. But that’s a different post for a different day.


The good news is that I automated this goal (partly by requirement and partly by choice) when the minimum monthly payments were set. So right now we’re exactly on track to hit that 13.2% mark with a solid 5-figures of debt already paid off so far this year. A win for team M!


Blog/Personal development goals


Grow blog traffic by 100% – Win


(Based off of 67 subscribers, 9,578 total page views, and 343 Twitter followers).


As I wrote in the original piece, “100% Blog growth wouldn’t be setting the world on fire here, but it sure would be exciting for me to see.” Well, I’m getting pretty excited at how we’ve done as a blog so far this year (yes – that most assuredly includes you Mr./Ms. Reader!)!


Let’s start with the best numbers and work down. Twitter followers (2017 – 343): 2018 – 631


With the June 30 target (half-way mark target) at 515, we’re sitting pretty good in the Twitter department! I’ve seen a recent bump in interaction, engagement, and just general Twitter conversations with readers and other bloggers. The platform has been a great one and I’m excited to see what we can do in the second half!


Total page views (2017 – 9,578): 2018 – 9,846


Right now we’re right on track for doubling our page view count in 2018! It’s been pretty rewarding to grow the site one step at a time. For a long while, there wasn’t much growth at all, but we’re finally starting to see some traction here.


My biggest post in 2018 has been How not to have a stress-induced heart attack before age 35. It was featured on Rockstar Finance’s site back in May and helped to drive a ton of new traffic to the site.


I also need to thank some of my favorite bloggers out there for allowing me to write on their sites, talk on their podcasts, and help promote each other’s content – these folks have all been awesome to (digitally) work with!


Subscribers (2017 – 67): 2018 – 84 


The June 30 target for subscribers is 101, and right now we’re a little off the pace. Progress still, but not on target quite yet. No worries, though – I’m working on something for Q4 in 2018 that is designed to help with getting more subscribers to the site (more info to follow)! Of course, any free handout offered to new subscribers will be provided to current subscribers first. Who knows, the current subscribers may even help me fine-tune this mystery item…


I’d also appreciate it if you would share a post with a friend or family member. The bigger we grow the MikedUp Community, the more people we can learn from and help make improvements!


What’s the point of growth?


I’m not out here writing just for the sake of getting people to read it, then go on about their lives. I want to impact your life in a positive way. When I write about fitness, finance, business, or family my goal is to give you some value that can be applied to your life.


Every post isn’t designed to help everyone but if you stick with me, it’s my goal that there is at least 1 post each month that speaks directly to YOU. Together with readers and paid clients, I know for a fact that we’ve collectively paid off over $100k in debt and lost hundreds of pounds in the last 2 years. We’ve also started businesses and improved aspects of our family lives – that’s big stuff!! The rest of this year should be no different.


The point of growing this site is to grow the positive impact we have on the people and world around us. 


Crazy talk? Getting ahead of myself? Egotistical? … Negative. We’re here to improve as a Team and we’ll have more of an impact as our Team grows. Who’s with me? If you’re in – subscribe below and let’s improve together!


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Read a book each quarter – WIN


So far I’ve read 2 books this year… Right on pace. One I could’ve done without (Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) and another that may be the best book I’ve read in the last few years:

It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy, 10th Anniversary Edition


Up to this point, we’ve given one book to each of our staff members that is required reading upon hire (Extreme Ownership – How US Navy SEALs Lead and Winby Jocko Willink and Leif Babin). We have read and discussed this one as a group and ultimately we’ve used it to help define our culture and process. The process has been invaluable.


Now it looks like we’ve found our follow-up book. Can’t recommend It’s Your Ship enough.


Fast one day each month – FAIL


I fasted one day each from January – March and then did not fast April – June. That’s a 50% F for this one…


Rather than list a paragraph of excuses, let’s just save us the trouble and admit that fasting isn’t easy. My mental psyche had a chink in the armor and I failed for 3 months in a row. I’ll get it back together before the year is over.


When it was going well, I was reaping the benefits I mentioned in the original post. No doubt I experienced benefits from the practice, so now that life has calmed a bit – I’m back in the game. No excuses. I’ll do better.


Family goals


Take my wife on a date at least once a month – PASS (but we’re just showing up for the exams and cramming the night before to earn this grade. We passed, but barely… Details? OK)


I’m seeing a trend here… Much like the fasting above, the months of January-March were solid. Babysitters, scheduled date nights, and actually deepening the connection as two young kids in love. It was glorious.


Then something happened in April. Well, a few things happened in April:


Our normal business days are M-Th and we normally work 1 Saturday morning a month (typically the first or second). To give contractors, movers, dental suppliers, and the rest of the gang enough time to move our office – we closed on a Thursday and didn’t open again until Tuesday.


To keep the same number of working days, we worked T-F that week, which also happened to be our scheduled Saturday work day. This is a lot of detail to say we worked 13 days in a row with many early mornings and late nights.


Stop the pity party – it’s not what I’m looking for. I say all that to let you know that before Monica and I had a chance to figure out what day it was, the end of the month was upon us. This is embarrassing to write but I took her to a doctor’s appointment one morning at the end of the month then we chilled in the car for a few minutes afterward. Good convo, a moment to relax together, and checked the box on “A Date…”


Just as we were ready to get back to date night in earnest during May, something else happened…


Something that causes some women to be nauseous in the mornings. And the afternoons and the nights… This mysterious condition also comes with exhaustion quite commonly. You’re still not with me???


We’re having Baby #2!!!


There – I said it! Let me answer your questions: Yes, I’m excited. Monica is nauseous but also excited. We’re not finding out the sex and probably won’t announce the name options until after the big day. Due date is right around the turn of the year. !!!!!!! Stoked !!!!!! OK – back to the post.


May’s “date” was a trip to the grocery store and June was equally weak. Hopefully, as the Mrs. / Dr. starts feeling better, we’ll be able to prioritize this vitally important category. (But as I think about it, there must’ve been a date in there somewhere…)


Take my daughter on a ‘date’ at least once a month – PASS (And I’m crushing this category like a grape)


With the news above, my daughter and I have had a few opportunities for splash pads, swim trips, hikes, cooking dates, dinner dates, etc. It has been great to spend some quality time together, that’s for sure – but we’re both rooting for mom to feel better soon!


Pray with my family each day – PASS


This is what I wrote in January and it holds still today:


Non-negotiable and something that we do a pretty good job at as is, but I will list this goal here to make sure the importance is stated. We pray before meals and at bedtime, and the process has helped bring our family closer together. No listing required on this one, as the relevant party doesn’t need my record to know if this has been done or not.



Reader’s Input


I’d say that with all things considered… Not too bad, right? What about you? Did you set goals for 2018 and if so how are you doing? I’m all ears if you have any suggestions/tips that I should consider as well. Let us know in the comments section and we’ll keep this conversation going!


Thanks for reading!


If you’re interested in discovering a better version of yourself – whether with fitness, finance, or family – then subscribe below to MikedUp Blog’s FREE newsletter and let’s improve together!


I’m glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike
Join Over 2,100 Other Team Members!
Learn valuable skills to build wealth, achieve a higher level of fitness, boost your business' profits, and more...  All in support of a healthier YOU!
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  1. Wow! Fantastic news, congratulations on having a new baby! Keep up the work life balance and the goals will come together. Thanks for the updates.

  2. Long time listener (reader) first time caller (commenter). Love the show (blog).
    Hmm…what could the Q4 idea be??? “Sounds” intriguing…also, still feigning surprise with the baby announcement, so congrats dude! Now everyone officially knows.

    1. Hey, Caller (reader) – thanks for calling (commenting)! I appreciate the kind words and the congrats! Thank you! We’re pretty excited for the new arrival, as you know. Also as you know, I’m optimistic this Q4 surprise will be (dare I say…) Big Time! Appreciate the comment, Logan!

  3. Mike, congrats on baby #2! It will be a transition, but kids are such a blessing!

    I really enjoy posts like this because there’s a relationship between goals and values, and it really gives folks an opportunity to learn more about what matters to you. For example, I really appreciate the way you prioritize time with your wife and daughter.

    Wishing you the best for the rest of the year!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mr. Thrifty!

      I know you’re speaking from experience with the kids talk… We’re beyond words excited for #2 because getting to this point was a bit of an uphill process for us. Thanks for the encouragement!

      Also – thanks for the kind words about the goals format and I’m glad you find this sort of thing both useful and enjoyable. It’s that type of feedback that can help stoke the motivation fire. Thanks again for commenting and best of luck for your 2018 as well!


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