MikedUp Blog Turns 3 Years Old – And Exciting Updates!

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If you would’ve asked me when I started this blog if I expected to still be writing posts in 3 years, I honestly don’t know what I would’ve expected…


I’m equal parts confident and pragmatic, and the truth is – I probably would’ve wrestled with that question a bit.


I mean, 3 years is a long time


Three years ago we had a 1-year-old daughter, I was still into running half-marathons, my wife and I were both working for other people, she was fresh out of dental school, and we hadn’t realistically considered the prospect of owning our own business.


But here we are – 2 kids, strength training with cardio infusions, new jobs, school a distant glimmer in the rearview, and working together on our family business…


…And I’m still writing… and loving every minute!!



First off – Thank You! 


Thanks for clicking, reading, commenting, emailing, talking to me about the blog when you see me, and for all the support you’ve provided over the last 3 years! I truly appreciate it!


Now – let’s have some fun!


I’m going to list The Top 10 Blog Related Events of the past year and then I’ll post a little treat below


The Top 10 MikedUp Blog Related Things of 2018-2019 (Fiscal Year 3)  😉


1- I wrote an article for Business Insider – As well as tons of content on some amazing websites and blogs – here’s a full list of all the places I’ve been (I mean – have written)


2- Google thinks my P90X3 Review is important – As of this writing, if you type “P90X3” into Google, my post is the 4th website that comes up. I don’t know about you, but the fact that Google thinks what I wrote can help folks – that’s pretty awesome.


3- MikedUp Blog pages were viewed over 100,000 times in 2018 – Much of this was thanks to the explosive growth the site saw in August last year, but still, the baseline has continued to rise in the months since.


4- Readers and friends paid off tens-of-thousands of dollars in debt – While I’ve worked with many folks who are currently in the process of paying down debt, I was able to share the story of one in particular who paid off $7,197.11 in credit card debt in just over a year (while she was earning $44,000 and had many other bills to pay). Here’s our first (and much different) debt payoff story, in case you want to hop in the time machine.


5- Readers and friends lost over 400 pounds – I discussed exactly how I lost 65 pounds for good, and then more impressively, we learned how a reader ultimately lost 220 total pounds and took her life back! It’s such an amazing accomplishment!


6- Our friend battled breast cancer and kicked ass (and we wrote about it) – Jen is a warrior and didn’t hold 1 detail back about her entire journey through battling breast cancer. She wrote 14,000 words and then we had 2 follow-up pieces – one a view of her journey through a great friend’s perspective and the other a look at some of the more human (and humorous) sides of battling breast cancer.


7- I started earning a “blogging income” – Thanks to MikedUp Blog seeing some significant growth and the relationships I’ve made through the site, we’ve started earning a tax-reportable income. This is through some sponsored posts you may have seen on Saturdays and via some freelance work I’m doing for others in the community.


8- My dad wrote on the site – My dad has been a writer for longer than I’ve been alive, but most of what I’ve seen him write has been musical lyrics. When I was discussing the idea of launching our Wins and Losses Series, he volunteered to participate. He discussed difficult details of his upbringing and I learned things about my father I hadn’t previously known. It’s truly a great piece and I’m touched that he took the time to write it.


9- 40 friends helped me give you 41 straight weeks of Wins and Losses posts – Speaking of the Wins and Losses Series, we had 40 total people volunteer to discuss intimate details of their lives with the goal of helping us each to learn and grow from these experiences. We had a great run with the series and just published our last contribution a few days ago. But now that we’ve closed the series, I’m excited to announce our newest series launch – Current Event’s Friday’s!


10- We’re only just getting started – Our family just welcomed daughter #2 into the world (Stella) a few months ago and while we’re getting used to the new normal around home, I’ve had the chance to think up new ideas and to make new connections in the blogging and greater publication world. There are so many new and exciting surprises to come in 2019 and I can’t wait to share them all with you! But, for now, let me say a huge – THANK YOU! to each and every one of you for taking the time, for reading, commenting, emailing, saying hello, and for joining the Team! Let’s all make 2019/2020 the best year yet!


11- (Bonus) We made the sweet 16 in this year’s Rockstar Rumble A March Madness-like competition that pits the best personal finance bloggers against each other. The measurement: pick your absolute best post of the year and send it out to the wolves (translation: let the readers vote on which is best. I’m so thrilled at all the votes and the support in this year’s contest! You all rock!!


The surprise I promised up above…


I can’t believe I’m doing this but when I first launched the site (3 years ago), I created a welcome video to give the readers an idea of what was to come. Things have changed a great deal since then and the video itself lacks… quality… But maybe, it’ll give you a laugh.


Have a great week, all! Talk soon,




(Now here’s one of the first things that I ever published on the site – including the video. I didn’t even give you links to click on… Such poor form on my part…) 



Hi Team!

We want to welcome you to the site and let you know what’s coming in the near future. Check out our welcome video and see what’s to come.

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– Mike
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  1. Congratulations, I’m really glad to have come across your blog recently. Three years is quite the accomplishment. It’s pretty cool that you’ve not only done something that you enjoy, but you have also helped so many others.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! It’s been a great experience so far and really cool to go from just my wife and parents reading to now a few others. If I can keep providing some value then I’m having a blast doing it. Thanks again!

  2. Congratulations Mike. Your blog growth is well deserved.

    I’m about 7 weeks or so from my one year mark and it is a lot of work so I can’t imagine tripling that.

    Plus it’s much easier to write stuff that’s new your first year. I only hope I can keep up with new topics for year two and hopefully three and beyond

    1. Thanks so much, XRay! You’ve been an inspiration to watch. I really love the way you’ve jumped in, created great content, and interacted with so many of us in the community. I’d say that at your 3-year mark, please don’t forget to throw some scraps down to us commoners 😉.

      Thanks so much for coming back!

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