5 Articles That I Absolutely Loved Last Month

5 Articles I Absolutely Loved Last Month #roundup #personalfinance #personaldevelopment #family #retirement

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“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” -Richard Steele


Alright, Team – Since the blog has seen some pretty awesome growth in August, a few pretty crazy things have been happening:
  • I’ve been hearing from more readers through emails, blog comments, and social media messages about the posts themselves (which is awesome, by the way – thank you!),
  • I have seen more doors open up to me that would’ve otherwise not been there (thank you again!), and
  • I have been interacting with so many more bloggers in the personal finance community and beyond (thanks thirdly…?)!


And it’s that last point that I want to focus on today. Seeing more people come to MikedUp Blog has brought me out of my own bubble and exposed me to so many others who are writing some incredible stuff. What’s more – They’re actually pretty fun to get to know too… Who said you can’t trust what you read on the internet?


So today I’m highlighting 4 of the best articles I’ve read last month from beyond my own blog’s pages, in addition to one of my favorites from MikedUp Blog last month (there were 30 to choose from! – crazy).


I’d love to hear your thoughts about some of these in the comments section below! There’s so much to learn and be inspired by in these, so let’s dive in.


5 Articles I Absolutely Loved Last Month #roundup #personalfinance #personaldevelopment #family #retirement


Here are my 5 absolute favorite articles for the month:


Be The CEO And CFO Of Your Life – Manage Your Money Like A Business via Making Momentum


I remember writing this on Twitter right after I read the post: “Dude made a business plan for his life and I love it!”


And I really do still love it. For a couple of years now I’ve been focusing on both my professional life running our small business, in addition to my personal life where we’re working hard toward our family’s financial goals. But I hadn’t stopped to think about how those two versions of myself could help one another. Scott’s post opened my eyes and changed my perspective. He discusses crafting a personal mission statement, arranging your life toward that mission, boosting profit, and so much more. This post is a goldmine of helpful and inspirational information – go get some.


Are Superstar Firms and Amazon Effects Reshaping the Economy? via The New York Times


I listen to a few podcasts by Marketplace (an awesome – and my favorite – NPR station) and one of their main personalities – Kai Ryssdal – is always telling us listeners that, “The stock market is not the economy.” Meaning that just because the market is the best it’s ever been, that does not mean that the economy is equally amazing by default. There are many other factors that determine whether the economy is good or bad currently. Speaking of the ‘economy’ – a current phenomenon has some economists confused. Normally, when the markets and the economy are on the upswing, wages rise accordingly. But that’s not happening. Actually, wages decreased last year, depending on where you get your data… This author set out to find out why that is. And what he found was… interesting, to say the least. Should we be concerned about a few companies monopolizing multiple markets? I’d give it some thought – after you read this article!


3 Shocking Reasons Why There’s a Baby Boomers Retirement Crisis via Debt Free Dr.


When I first read the title, I was interested… I know Baby Boomers – even have some in my family – and I’ve been casually researching a bit more about how they’ve prepared themselves for retirement, and also some generalities about how that may influence my fellow millennials’ lives (we’re always so selfish…). So after Doc hooked me, I was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t just stop with statistics. He went on to discuss how some Boomers have made these mistakes and also a few tactics us observers can use to maybe, kinda, potentially… help them out (if they’re interested in that sort of thing). I loved this post and think you will too.


Childless seniors need to build a safety net via Chicago Tribune


BOOM – was how I felt after reading this. We’re always reading about how we 30-50 somethings are going to need to focus on what we’re going to do with our aging parents. How will we care for them, who will pay, and what’s that relationship going to look like? Well, this article tells the story from a completely different perspective. What are the childless seniors supposed to do about caring for themselves…? What will they do when that’s no longer possible? No worries. The author here provides some excellent tips and different topics to think about for those in that situation. This one blew my mind – great stuff.


Diversify your Portfolio (Financial Pillar #9) via MikedUp Blog


Over the course of 5 years ending high school and starting college, I saved up $10,000 and invested in the market. 3.5 years later, and with my grandfather basically driving the bus, that $10k turned into about $30k. I had met my wife and we were thinking of buying our first home. Then the Great Recession happened and my $30k turned into a pumpkin and bottomed out at about $9k before I knew what hit me. My problem: I had not diversified… Like, at all. This post details the valuable lessons I learned during that financially difficult time and gives you some ideas about how to get started with diversification (some that you’ll regularly hear about and others that are a little more ‘outside of the box’).


It took us 8 years after the recession to regroup, reinvest, and see a number close to $30k again, and although we delayed our home purchase for nearly a decade, we earned an education that will last a lifetime. This post details one lesson.



Reader’s Input


What do you think about the posts above? Do you like this format and did any of these different articles speak to you personally? Tell us all about it in the comments below and let’s keep this conversation going!


Thanks for reading!


If you’re interested in discovering a better version of yourself – whether with fitness, finance, or family – then subscribe below to MikedUp Blog’s FREE newsletter and let’s improve together!


I’m glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike
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