Announcing that our New Podcast is Now Live!!

Welcome to MikedUp Pod - The Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs!!

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Welcome to MikedUp Pod – The Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs!!


Team!! I’ve been soooo excited to share news about our new podcast launching! And, let me tell you – it’s been difficult not telling you about it until now (I’m not the best with surprises). But here’s the update for you…


Below you’ll see what this new podcast is, who the (top-notch) guests are, where you can find our episodes, when you can expect new content, who I’ve partnered with on this project and what he brings to the table, who our sponsor is (YES – we have a paid sponsor!), and just about everything else. This’ll be your MikedUp Pod FAQ.


What is MikedUp Pod about?


“Hello and welcome to MikedUp Pod! The show where we interview business owners and executives to learn the tips and tactics to best grow your business! And have a little fun in the process. I’m your host, Mike Monfredi, a small business CEO who’s in the fight just like you. So let’s not waste any time. Let’s dive in!”


This is my scripted intro that pretty much says it all. Each episode will be 40-90 minutes long and feature a guest who either owns or operates some type of business. On occasion, we’ll also have guests whose job it is to support businesses like the ones you and I run (think: insurance, payroll, accounting, marketing, etc.).


I typically record an intro, you’ll get a minute or so where we talk about our sponsor, and then our guest and I will sit and chat for a while where I drill down on how they make decisions, what actions allowed them to reach their current position, how they’re currently handling challenges, and sooo much more. (If you can’t tell, I am really enjoying this process)


Where can I find the episodes?


Everywhere you typically listen to podcasts!!

Here’s our link in:


Who should I expect to hear from as guests on the show?


I’ll start with listing guests from the first 5 episodes and give you the option to play them right here on the page. Then, I’ll let you know who we’ve got already recorded, some folks we have scheduled, and who we hope to interview in the future!


The thing I love most about this show is the great quality of guests we’re seeking out who come from such diverse backgrounds. 


First, here is a rundown of our current live episodes!


Episode 1 – Monica Monfredi on Small Business Growth, Earning Reviews, and Running a Business with your Spouse

Monica Monfredi is a general dentist who owns her own 9-employee practice (Monfredi Family Dental) that’s grown 18.5% and 28% in the first 2 years. We discuss her journey from a day where oral surgeons reshaped her young life with a grueling procedure, to her choosing dentistry as a career, running her own practice now, and everything in between! Dr. Monica is also our host’s (Mike’s) wife so we get great background about their business and lives to set up our future interviews with other entrepreneurs!

Here is the article we reference in the show that details Monica’s full surgery and recovery, as well as all the dental work she’s had done to her own mouth.


Episode 2 – Sean White on Running a Marketing Company & Building a Business People Want to Work For

Sean White is the CEO of Whiteboard Marketing and today on the pod he shares his backstory getting started in marketing, growing his company to a 25-employee business that’s an industry leader in our region, and building a business that people actually want to work for. We talk about current marketing strategies, including SEO, social media, direct mail, and he shares his expertise in marketing your business through a crisis.


Episode 3 – Steve Carroll on Founding Companies & Rewarding Renters with Findigs

After working for a few years in the banking industry, Steve co-founded his first business – Seated (The company and app that lets you dine out and earn rewards, which we dive into today on the show). Then, after launching and building Seated as their COO, Steve decided to take his shot as CEO of a new startup – Findigs (The easiest, most rewarding way to pay rent).

Steve shares with us his back story as well as the main lessons he’s learned in founding successful companies!


Episode 4 – Carlie on Quitting Her Stable (Safe) Job and Starting a Freelance Writing Business

Carlie worked for a marketing agency, successfully managing clients and creating quality content, but just recently decided to take the leap and start her own freelance writing business (Carlie Write Now)! We talk all about her thought process leading up to quitting, how she left, what she did to line up clients beforehand, and how she’s planning to sustain and grow moving forward. All business owners go through the early days at some point, we’re just lucky to dive inside Carlie’s head while she’s starting hers!


Episode 5 – Kevin Ridenbaugh on Making Great Vegan Food & Getting His Food Truck (Seitan’s Realm) Moving

Seitan’s Realm is a plant-based food truck serving the greater Columbus area. Their goal is to offer quality plant-based food for the masses and their co-founder, Kevin Ridenbaugh says, “Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore Seitan’s Realm has something you’re going to love!”

Today we talk all about how he’s built up a loyal following of thousands of customers and fans, how he manages his team, how he makes his food look and taste (dare I say… better) than the real deal, and so much more!


After our initial launch of 5, here’s our publishing schedule and some guest hints


We’ll be publishing a new episode every Tuesday, beginning May, 26, 2020, until we hit a total of 20-25 episodes for our first season. At that point, we’ll take a break to evaluate and reassess our path forward.


I will say that we already have 6 episodes (in addition to the 5 already released) that we’re working to edit and publish over the coming weeks. Those guests include a local coffee shop owner, the CEO of an alternative investment platform, the owner of a company that distributes 540,000 monthly mailed advertisements to central Ohio, a payroll specialist, and an angel investor… Team, we’re not messing around. 


Future guests are even more wide-ranging and although I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I cannot wait to share each and every one of these episodes with you!


Who’s my partner on this project?


Without this guy, MikedUp Pod absolutely doesn’t happen. Philip Ross is my co-founder on the project and he has been working to handle 100% of the editing as well as some guest scouting, research, and interview prep. We’re very much a team on this one, and I’ll let him tell you a bit about himself and why he decided to partner with me on this:


“Hi everyone! I’m Philip, a software engineer based in Columbus, Ohio. I joined the podcast as I have a passion for upcoming businesses, especially local ones. While I don’t have the smooth vocals of Mike, I like to utilize my technical skills to produce the final product that you hear when you listen to our podcast.”


What company is sponsoring MikedUp Pod?


As we say in our show notes:


This episode is sponsored by Findigs – the easiest, most rewarding way to pay rent. Whether you’re looking to earn Starbucks gift cards (or more) or if you’re simply looking for a safe and reliable way to make the monthly rent payment, Findigs has you covered!


We talk quite a bit about who runs the company, their philosophy, and how they help both renters and landlords when I talk with their CEO, Steve Carroll in Episode 3.


Why did we decide to start this podcast?


In running our family business, I’m constantly having conversations with other business owners and executives trying to learn the skills that make their companies great (or not so great, depending on the person). I’m also regularly picking brains of marketing executives, accountants, attorneys, insurance specialists, payroll managers, and so on… And I’ve recently reached the point where I realized that these conversations can be so valuable for more people other than just me and our company.


Also – we had a little free time on our hands thanks to Coronavirus, so we thought to make good use of that time.


What we need from you!


Honestly, just 2 simple, easy, and much appreciated things. If you’re stoked about this podcast or you’d just like to help out:

  1. Use your podcast app of choice to find our show and simply subscribe so that when we publish a new episode, it’ll be ready and waiting for you
  2. Find a friend who may enjoy the pod and simply share it with them


That’s all we ask! (But, let’s be honest… 5-star reviews, extra sharing, extra downloading, and generally talking about MikedUp Pod doesn’t hurt the cause either)


Thank you to all the guests who have given us a shot as well as an hour (or so) of their time, to our awesome sponsor for taking a chance on 2 guys with no experience and no episodes (at the time), and to all of you who will download and listen! We appreciate you and can’t wait to talk with you soon!


-Mike & Philip

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