MikedUp Blog’s 7 best posts of 2016

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Well… that happened quickly.


We’re 70 posts and 9 months into MikedUp Blog’s young history and it’s hard not to reflect back with excitement at the progress.


After our first year-ish I started thinking about doing a best-of post, so naturally, I pitched the idea to Monica.


“The top 10 posts of 2016,” is where I started.


“How many posts have you done? 10 seems like a lot. I do think it’s a good idea, though.”


Constructive feedback – and focus group green light – in hand, I set out to pare it back but still give a solid recap.


The criteria


Here’s where we get imaginative.


It would be both boring and a cop-out to just pick the most read posts. Although those will have their place, I’ve also added some less prolific articles that still deserve a top spot.


Below you’ll see the article title, a link, a brief description, and the reason for selection. These are in no particular order.


Also, no guest blogger posts are featured in this list. I’m working on a way to highlight those another way.


Thanks for being with us in 2016! Let’s reflect, then go get after it in 2017!



Sometimes you have to setup a breast pump with your mother-in-law

– Most real life, behind the curtain type story. And, probably the best title of the year.


Clara had just been born and sleep was in short supply. This 99% true story chronicles the victory our team needed during the lack-of-sleep train that steamrolled us during early parenthood.


Saving lives is a thankless job

– Author’s favorite post to write.


One minute we’re relaxing on the beach during the family’s summer vacation, sipping beers, and the next thing you know I’m in 20 feet of ocean water with an extremely distressed and hairy-chested Jim laying prone on top of me, cramping legs, and a less than happy wife standing back on the beach. Without question, this is a must read.


Spoiler alert – I wasn’t the only one in this story that ran toward trouble. Pops deserves his credit too…


 The business of fitness with Mighty Mick

– Most read.


This post helped our little blog earn ~1,000 page views in a 48 hour period. We’re no big deal by any stretch, but this one was pretty well-received.


David Eagle was a physical education teacher who took issue with childhood obesity. Now he’s a retired teacher turned gym-owning entrepreneur that’s inspiring the young and old to reach their full fitness potential. It’s a great story that inspired a few of us to find our breaking points… then push a little further.


These two are on track to pay off $89,000 in student loans in 15 months – and they didn’t win the lottery

– Most inspiring, 2nd most read.


These 2 got serious, made a plan, and stuck to it when they paid off $89,000 in just over 15 months!!! If you want to learn a few tips, feel your jaw drop even further, or read about their wealthy, dumpster-diving brother-in-law then check this one out.


Our modern veteran – leaving the battleground doesn’t always mean an end to the battle

– The story that changed my world-view and put life’s activities into perspective.


Drew is a veteran, wounded warrior, father, husband, former ballplayer, and a great friend of mine since we were a couple years old.


This story touches the surface of Drew’s I.E.D. experience in Afghanistan in addition to what he’s done to overcome it.


You want to be inspired? Learn about Drew.


6 Methods to exercise while ‘babysitting’ your kid(s)

– most helpful to new parents looking to stay/get fit (but really just fun to write).


Airlines tell you that in the event of an accident, you should first apply your own oxygen mask then proceed to help others. This story helps new parents do both at the same time.


If you’re interested in being a responsible, present parent while still taking care of your own fitness, I outline a few options here.


Do what you love

– most impactful


This post is the first in our ongoing Financial pillars for us millennials series.


The reason for selection: I’ve had a handful of people write, call, or talk to me in person about how this post helped them take the next step. Whether it be a hobby turned business or a review of their current job situation, here I talk about why doing the thing(s) you love can have a huge impact on your financial and overall well-being.


More than just preaching the common, “Just find the thing you love and do it,” here I give some actual examples.


Thanks for reading!


Now that you’ve come this far, here are my humble requests:


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I’m glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike
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