Worthwhile financial resolutions from a guy who lives them (guest blogger – Jon)


Hi, Team! Today, we’re fortunate to have Jon (yes, this Jon) here to talk about worthwhile financial resolutions that will actually make a difference for the new year. What are Jon’s qualifications? Well, he and his wife paid off close to $89,000 in student loans in about 16 months. These two are living examples of what good, worthwhile goals can lead to. Consistent readers are probably familiar with the story, if that’s not you, feel free to check out the link above. Either way, thanks for being here! -Mike     1) Learn where your money is going (and how to control it). As good as my wife and I try to be with our money, there have been times when I have opened the credit card statement at the end of the month, saw the total purchases, and was left wondering, “what in the world did I spend $1,200 […]

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Mike’s top 5 podcasts of 2016: and why I’m listening


(Photo by SMW) What is a podcast and why are they becoming so popular?   Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded to your device and listened to whenever you’d like, without an internet connection. It’s similar to when we would download music to our iPods or Zunes a few years back (look out early 2000s). They’re on-demand radio shows.   What’s with all the hype?   From current sports updates to ancient history and pop culture to politics… There’s a podcast for that. You into meta-learning? I have 1 (well… 2). Interested in starting a business? Startup would be a good place to begin.   The point is – there’s something for everybody. No matter where you are in life, a podcast can help you progress from there to where you want to be. There’s a catch, though… All this information is available but is all of it reliable.   Short […]

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Eliminate ‘bad debt’ (financial pillar #4)


Check out the complete list of Financial Pillars Here   Excessive use, or misuse, of debt is 1 of the top 5 reasons people go bankrupt. Bad debt can also be the harsh instrument by which your paycheck’s take-home, for example, goes from $1,200 to $500 (car payment, credit card balance, a monthly payment on furniture, …). The #1 way to fix your problems with bad debt is to NEVER, under any circumstances, let it into your life.   For some of us, unfortunately, bad debt is already in and roaming around our homes, apartments, and vehicles. What we’ll do here then, is this:   -Review how to distinguish bad debt from good (yes, there is such a thing), -Evaluate ways to eliminate any bad debt already accumulated, and -Make certain we have a plan in place to keep bad debt out of our lives for good.   What separates bad […]

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Purpose, determination and hard work: creating a healthy lifestyle (guest blogger – Brittany)

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Hi Team! This post introduces Brittany, a new guest blogger, that’s an average woman in her 20’s. You know, if average is losing 18 total inches, 17 pounds, and gaining heaps of energy and confidence by making a few life altering adjustments to nutrition and fitness. Here, Brittany shares a bit of her story with you. We hope you enjoy!     Fitness– noun: a general state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations, and daily activities. Health– noun: a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Wellness– noun: an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a dynamic process of change and growth.     How do you go from someone who rarely ever worked out and […]

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Discipline equals financial freedom (Jon and Heather II)

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Remember these two?   If you missed the original article, check it out here. Either way, here’s a brief refresher:   In the spring (2016) I wrote an article about Jon and Heather – a young, 20-something couple embarking on their life together. There was a wedding, apartment, a couple of new jobs, and a dumpster-diving brother-in-law (yes, you read that right – see the link above for that story). And as with many millennial couples, there was the albatross of student loans hanging around the young couples neck. About $89,000 worth.   But that’s not all…    There was also a plan. Some termed the plan as crazy; others – inspirational. We’ll leave that up to you. Essentially, the plan was to eliminate the student loan debt. And eliminate it as fast as possible.   Last we heard from these 2, they had paid off close to $52,000 in 8 months!! This was in […]

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Make no excuses

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Hi Team! I’ve heard the cries, and the wondering, and the tears (too far??). I’ve been MIA over the past few weeks and although that will happen from time-to-time, I didn’t give you guys (and gals) a heads-up first. My bad. Fear not. We have some great stuff coming for you in the weeks ahead! There are posts with some great holiday tips, helping us to stay fit and to only slightly over-eat. I’ve been doing some reading/listening and plan to share with you some great books and podcasts I’ve read/heard over the past few weeks. The financial pillar (for us millennials) series will resume. Remember Jon and Heather? The young millennial couple working their way out of student loan debt… Well, we have an exciting update for you! We have a new guest-blogger to introduce as well. I’m excited and grateful to have you hear and reading! Talk with you […]

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Top 10 reasons why fall is king

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Let’s get this out of the way – fall (autumn) is the best season of the year. Unquestionably, unequivocally, and any other ‘un’ word you want to throw in there. We all agree on this, right? Okay. Sweet.   Moving on.   This list is written from the perspective of an Ohioan living in a temperate climate complete with 4 seasons. We have 3 other seasons to ‘consider’ when we’re trying to decide on the best, but let’s be real.   The winter is the winter. Cold, miserable, dark. It has Christmas but that’s about it.   “Summer,” You say? Humid, miserably oppressive (in terms of heat) where all outdoor activity and exercise must be complete before 6:00 am or after 9:30 pm. I agree that the summer vacation is crucial but do we want to anoint an entire season for 1 week… 2 if we’re lucky? Not in my […]

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What are Job Benefits Really Worth?

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If you’ve had a job, you’ve had a talk about benefits with your friends or family.   “Well, the salary is a little lower than I’d like but the benefits are nice.” Or, “I need this job for the benefits.” Or, “Benefits. What benefits?” Or, how about this one, “This job has the perfect salary and a ton of benefits!”   We’ve all heard that last one, right?   I had one of these talks with a job searching friend the other day and it spurred this question: How much are job benefits really worth? We’re talking cash value. Healthcare, retirement, time off, and other ‘benefits.’ What percentage of your paycheck. So, compared benefits from different jobs that I’ve had, in addition to jobs of friends, to get a breakdown for the benefits given in 3 different job types (government job, private career-type job, and hourly work job).   Keep […]

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Parenting is the most important job

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Forewarning: this isn’t going to be one of my typical posts… But my dad turned 60 yesterday, and it has me thinking. I’ve stuck to writing about fitness, finance, and some ‘funny’ family stories for the last 6 months, and it’s been a blast. For the most part I’ve gotten great feedback, the audience continues to share the posts, and people keep coming back. So, thank you guys so much and no worries, we’ll be back to usual next Tuesday. If you’re interested in a little variety, though – humor me for the next 700 words or so. Thanks in advance. – Mike Here’s the needed background so that you’re not completely lost. As I said above, my dad (Pops) turned 60 yesterday. He was 30 when they (him and mom) had me. I am 30 now and as you may or may not know, we recently had Clara. If you’re […]

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Keep the muscle, burn the fat (guest blogger – Mel)

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Mel, our resident clinical research nurse, is back to help you figure out how to keep the muscle while burning that pesky fat. She’s loving your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below or email Mike. Thanks for reading! It’s 2AM and you can’t sleep so you decide to get up and watch some TV.  Surfing to see what’s on, you stumble across some infomercials.  This one catches your sleepy eyes…  “Want to look like this?” The narrator asks. “Or this?” “… ‘Fat burn’, the latest technology in burning the fat and keeping the muscle, has been proven to transform fat into muscle in just 2 weeks!” “…Order now by calling 1-800-fat-burn and you will receive an extra…” Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep AND build muscle while we burn the fat?   The answer is – YOU can! And it’s free!  Well, almost.  It will cost […]

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