Warren Buffett bet huge on index funds – here are 5 reasons why you should too.

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(Photo by SMW)   Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. If you’re not too familiar with him as a professional, just know that many people attempt to model their investment strategies after his. Oh, and he’s worth billions, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.   As reported by Fortune and National Public Radio (and many other outlets), about 8 years ago Buffett took a bet of $1,000,000 against Protege Partners, a money management firm.   What was the bet?   Over a 10 year time period, who can pick the more successful investment? Simple as that.   How did this bet take shape?    Buffett challenged the hedge fund world in a speech – Protege Partners took the bait.   Where do the winnings go?    The winnings (which were invested themselves – […]

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Sometimes you have to setup a breast pump with your mother-in-law…

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This is a 99% true story (my memory isn’t what it once was so that accounts for the 1%).   Monica and I were getting steamrolled by the lack-of-sleep train that was Clara’s first few weeks of life. We had the unique and seemingly backwards situation that I was afforded 12 weeks off from work while she had about 6 to play with. Breastfeeding was going well, Clara was eating pretty regularly, and Monica was starting back to work. (Yes fellas, ‘breast’ will be used frequently in this post.)   We had done our prep work before Clara was born – you know, put up the crib, washed clothes, figured out the car-seat (or so we thought)…     Another thing we took care of was ordering the breast pump from our insurance company. It came in the mail and quickly found its way to a closet. Things were moving […]

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These two are on track to pay off $89,000 in student loans in 15 months – and they didn’t win the lottery

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  …Noah Syndergaard (Pitcher for the New York Mets) is standing on the mound and staring intently at his catcher’s movements. He seems satisfied as he stands tall and mean mugs the runner on second. It’s the bottom of the 9th and that guy represents the tying run. He cannot advance. Syndergaard winds and delivers…   “Was it a strike?” Jon’s mind searches for the answer as he is roused from the dream by something gently poking his cheek. He realizes the dream is gone as consciousness overcomes him.   Now it feels like there are a few tiny sticks prodding his cheek so he swings and grabs. Nothing bothering his face but now it’s in his hand. Jon opens his eyes to find… a Boxelder bug (a stink bug). Not cool man. He sits up and sees them all over his room. He’s living with 6 other guys and initially chalks […]

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The spending freeze – jump start your budget

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  You’ve seen the medical dramas on TV… We’re in the emergency room with tall, dark, and handsome doctors and nondescript nurses all crowded around a motionless victim. Loud noises tell us the heart rate is flat-lining and we’re short on time. “Get me a crash cart, now!!” Said crash cart arrives a split second later – almost like it was part of the script – and as the doc grabs the paddles and rubs them together he yells, “Clear!” The electric current lifts this victim up off the table and then leaves, slamming the body back to the gurney. This is touch-and-go, and we’re on the edge of our seats because we honestly don’t know if these breaths may be this guy’s last… Cut to commercial. “Let H&R Block he…”   Let’s pretend you are the doctor in this scenario and I’ll ask you a question. Have you ever […]

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The value of group fitness

I know from personal experience that guys can at times be intimidated by group fitness classes. You go to the gym, the Y, or wherever you go to workout and you walk by one of those rooms and all you tend to see are the ladies. “Are guys not allowed in that class? Will it be awkward if I’m the only one in there with a bunch of women? Maybe that’s more of the ’toning’ class when I’m looking for some of the ‘bulking’ variety.” These are thoughts that have gone through my head at some point in time. However, I am extremely grateful for my lack of caring when it comes to certain awkward situations – many types of group fitness classes have been amazing motivators, calorie burners, and drivers toward my overall fitness. If you’ve taken part then you know what I’m talking about. If not, here are […]

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Card workout challenge – Results

Hi team! Great work to all who stepped up to the Card Workout Challenge! You guys and gals crushed it this week… Nice job.   I was thrilled to hear the feedback and am glad that we had such a great turnout. The fact that so many people participated really had me motivated – it also gave me an idea…   We had such a great turn out this week that we may be working toward a fitness week each month. New workout for a new month – gotta keep the body guessing! Stay tuned for what’s ahead.   Thanks if you were one of us who took part, or if your finding this post later in time please feel free to try the challenge and let us know how you do.   I want to send a shout out to a new friend of mine, Tom (pictured below). We […]

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Card workout challenge day 2

Hi team! So… How’d it go?? Was the workout harder than you expected? Easier? Are you still working up the courage to try it out? Whatever the case, thanks for reading! I had people come up to me and say, “I’m in!” To which I responded, “That’s great…! for what?” People are excited about this. I hoped that would be the case but I’ll be honest – didn’t know what to expect. Thanks to all who are in or those who plan to start soon, I really love the feedback! Great work to all who are stepping up to the Card Workout Challenge! The results for my first two days of Fitness Week are in the table below. Also, feel free to check out the instructional video below if you didn’t see it last time. Stick with it! Talk later in the week, Mike   Day 1 Day 2 Time (minutes) 16:43 […]

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The card workout challenge

Welcome to Fitness Week at MikedUp Blog! This is a 100% affordable, portable, and adjustable workout that I most likely got from somebody (to that person – I apologize), and we are going to turn it into a challenge. I do this workout regularly when I don’t have a ton of time or a fancy gym to do kettle bell swings, ropes, or whatever other highly effective fad I’ve recently taken part in. This is the card workout. Workout explained first, challenge later.     What you need: A deck of cards, towel, stopwatch, water, and a propensity to sweat… a lot.   The workout: Start with your cards shuffled up. After you start your stopwatch, you will then simply draw one card at a time and the card will tell you what to do. First, the suit determines the exercise.   Card Suit Exercise Hearts Burpees (cardio & all […]

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10 Financial musts before age 20 (5 of 5)

This is the fifth and final post in our Financial Must series, where we’re aiming to provide you with a tremendous foundation to achieve your financial goals. We have the previous eight Musts listed below to remind you what we’ve covered. If you’d like to read about those in detail, check out Must Post 1, Must Post 2, Must Post 3, or Must Post 4. Thanks for reading! 1) Find a way to earn an income and do it at an early age. 2) Set goals for yourself financially, and make sure at least one is attainable in the short term. 3) Open a checking account. 4) Get a credit card with a low limit. 5) Do not put anything on that credit card if you don’t have the money for it in the bank. 6) Start an investment savings plan. 7) Live frugally and save as much of your income as possible. 8) Learn to separate needs from […]

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The real survival guide for new dads (3 of 3)

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  This our third and final installment of The real survival guide for new dads series. If you’ve missed our first two – feel free to check them out here (first) or here (second). Otherwise, let’s read some entertaining stories and maybe learn a thing or two.   The fourth trimester. The first few months after your baby is born are often referred to by this moniker – and for good reason. Positives during this time included: Monica wasn’t vomiting any more, we got to meet our beautiful daughter, and… you know I can’t remember too many details but things were looking up. There were a few things to keep an eye out for though…   I hate you means I love you? Postpartum is legit. So legit, in fact, that postpartum depression is shown to severely affect 1 in 7 women in the subsequent months after birth (1). Take ‘severely’ out of the equation […]

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