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Big thanks to a personal finance blogging icon (and Mt. Rushmore fixture) – J. Money from BudgetsAreSexy – for calling me out and letting me know that this sorta thing used to be a requirement…


As a personal finance writer (and, dare I say, community member) for the past 3 years, I’ve had the great fortune of getting to know some incredible people and great writers. So, the list below is to let you know the folks who I can’t stop reading. My hope is that you’ll find a few that you love as well!


Last updated 3-20-19


My Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

  • Accidental Fire (Makes numbers sexier than anyone can – his stuff “wows” me)
  • Bitches Get Riches (Great content with zero filters)
  • Budgets Are Sexy (All things personal finance – I learn something new with each visit)
  • Dr. Breath Easy Finance (Love his outlook on life and his hustle – great for budgeting and wide-ranging finance)
  • ESI Money (A useful content creating machine and someone who’s been there/done that)
  • FI Introvert (Level-headed, knowledgeable guy who’s in a similar life position as me – love reading his perspective – fellow Jocko fan)
  • The Finance Twins (Incredibly successful and knowledgeable – they know what they’re talking about)
  • The Financial Diet (Crazy-successful blog with a constant stream of great content)
  • The Luxe Strategist (Wide-ranging, great writer. Always something new)
  • Making Momentum (Great 20/30-something hacks, tips, and tricks and one of my first blogging friends)
  • Miss Functional Money (Phenomenal Writer – always entertained and learning on her site)
  • Money With A Purpose (Financial advisor with a desire to write about personal struggles and perseverance – and a great guy)
  • Peerless Money Mentor (Love his perspective and ability to tell a story – he inspires me)
  • Perfection Hangover (Wide-ranging money talk from a down-to-earth family perspective)
  • Real Money Robert (Great for wide-ranging personal finance and a great dude)
  • Seller at Heart (Every post is designed to answer a question or solve a problem)
  • The Small Things Blog (Not really personal finance but she’s got a lifestyle component that my wife and I read regularly – my wife loves this site)
  • The Rich Miser (Husband and wife duo that cover all the topics I love – and more)
  • Think Save Retire (Great writer and Airstream-liver. He provides some good personal finance views and philosophies that can be counter to mine)
  • XRAYVSN (Absolute great dude who’s been through the financial gauntlet – and come out the other side… and he raps)
  • Your Money Geek (A financial planner that’s done a TON to help others in the PF community grow their blogs – he covers finance, zombies, and success stories)




My Favorite Podcasts

  • The 1-3-20 Podcast (Great books explained in under 20 minutes… by the author)
  • After Hours (3 Harvard employees discuss all things economics, cultural, and (at times) political. These conversations are so enlightening)
  • Corner Office (My favorite host – Kai Ryssdal – sits down with influential CEOs to discuss all things about their businesses)
  • Hustle To Freedom (Wide-ranging discussions with people who hustle toward financial freedom)
  • Jocko Podcast (Retired Navy SEAL – Jocko Willink – and buddy Echo Charles discuss books about war, interview veterans, and talk all things human nature. Absolutely love this podcast and have learned more from it than any other)
  • Make Me Smart (Kai teams up with Molly Wood to diss tech, economics, and pop culture in this deliciously entertaining podcast)
  • Marketplace Morning Report (3 episodes each morning at 8-ish minutes a piece discussing some aspect of the world economy – little appetizers for your day about the news that happened while you slept)
  • Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal (The best financial podcast for my money – period)
  • Money and Media: Presented by FinCon (Podcast mixing blogging and finance – two of my favorites – and boasting some of our industry’s icons)
  • The Rewatchables (Bill Simmons and The Ringer crew discuss the ins and outs of the movies we can’t turn off)
  • The Tim Ferriss Show (You’ve heard of this and know what it is – long-form interviews with some of the most successful people in the world)
  • WorkLife with Adam Grant (The guy studies how companies make work not suck – then discusses his research on the podcast)



Let me know who I missed in the comments below and I’ll consider them for the next iteration. Thanks for reading, Team!



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    1. Hello Mike,

      Thanks for including me in the list of bloggers! I have heard and/or read material from all of them, except Perfection Hangover and Small Things Blog.

      I’ll check those out, along with some of your podcast recommendations. Is Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal the best podcast for my money as well? I guess I’ll find out 🙂

  1. Great suggestions here! I haven’t checked out the Adam Grant podcast for awhile. I know I love all of his books, but I forgot about the podcast!!! A lot of the podcasts you mentioned here are new to me. I really like How I Built This, so I bet I would like Corner Office… hmmmm.

    1. Corner office is phenomenal!! CEOs from some of the most influential and successful companies in the world just sitting and talking for 15-60 minutes. They’re gold for someone who wants to be a better leader or person. I think you’ll love it.

      Let me know how it goes and have some fun!

    1. Ahh! OK – I’ve seen Financial Samurai but honestly haven’t read much. That’ll change, per your recommendation. Also, I’ve interacted with Debt and Cupcakes on Twitter but admittedly haven’t visited the blog – also a change that’s gonna come.

      And you, Mr. Riley. I’m interested to read more of your stuff as well. I got a look at your bio recently and I’m intrigued. Thanks so much for reaching out and talk soon!

    1. Thanks for reading and for leaving your comments! That’s exciting that you’ve found some new podcasts – I’m always looking for good quality content! Good suggestions on your part as well. I’ll have to check the last 2 out (haven’t heard of them). Thanks so much!

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