Hey Boeing – There’s No Wrong Time to Do the Right Thing

Hey Boeing - There's No Wrong Time to Do the Right Thing

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In this Current Events Friday’s Post (CE-Friday’s), we’re revisiting our friends at Boeing and asking why a company so large (and successful) can’t seem to get its act together with this international safety issue they’ve got going on. Then we apply the Boeing crisis to our lives and I’ll ask how you work to stay on the moral and ethical high ground.


CE-Friday’s – “What you need to know today in less than 500 words”




The Boeing crisis started well before the first crash


A couple of weeks back I wrote about a few recent events centered around two companies (Starbucks and Boeing), and more importantly the stark contrast of how those companies responded to recent crises.


Starbucks had a difficult issue around race and equality take place in one of their stores so they shut the company down for 4 hours, conducted a nationwide training event and met the problem head-on.


Boeing, on the other hand, seemed to beat around the bush after two aircraft tragically crashed resulting in hundreds of casualties


The company’s media position was frankly – lacking, they provided no admission or understanding of the problem, and even less outward reassurance that the remaining aircraft we fly on still today – are safe.


So was I surprised to see an article telling us that Boeing knew of this safety issue a year before the crashes


Regrettably – no. That wasn’t out of the range of potential Boeing outcomes in my mind.


However – I was incredibly frustrated and disappointed with this Boeing crisis. 


The company released a statement admitting they were aware of the safety issue within months of delivering their first order of 737 Max airplanes. Yet they neglected to tell safety officials – or anyone – until after the second crash.


Putting aside the fact that Boeing is dancing around this incredibly important issue of safety and trust in an era where other huge companies are coming under fire for much smaller offenses – this is just bad business.


Unlike Starbucks – Boeing doesn’t sell directly to consumers


We’re not standing in line waiting for our order of this morning’s (afternoon’s… who am I kidding) double 747 venti aircraft with the turbocharged engine and extra wi-fi features.


Boeing sells directly to airlines and other large companies. And how many of us actually looked at what aircraft would be flying us to Hawaii for the family vacation rather than just scanning for the cheapest flight?


Before the Boeing crisis – I paid the type of aircraft no mind


And unless large scores of passengers stand up and say, “Not today – friend. I will not fly on a Boeing aircraft!” I don’t think much will change with Boeing’s bottom line a decade down the road.


If Starbucks kept kicking people out of stores, we’d go to Tim Hortons or Dunkin’ – no big deal. (I prefer Tim Horton’s anyway… Don’t @ me).


As someone who runs a growing company, I can’t help but shudder at this lack of empathy and terrible tact


Attracting and retaining customers is an incredibly difficult and costly thing to do, so it kills me to see such a huge company – and former industry leader – being so cavalier about such an important issue. They just didn’t seem to care.


And their post-op, “we’re here to make this right, now” approach just never came… It’s sad when so many passengers lives and the lives of lower-level employees have been – and will be – impacted because of the actions of some select few at the top.


But that’s the deal with leadership. It affects everything – positively or negatively 


Where do you stand? Will your airline habits change as a result of the Boeing crisis?

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  1. Man, I really need to read more about what’s going on with Boeing. Cause it ain’t soundin’ good 😳 And it’s always such a cheap play to me when companies – and humans – can’t swallow pride to give a real apology. Because everything you say will only sound defensive if you don’t say sorry, and no PR spin will convince me otherwise.

    1. It was honestly shocking when I first heard of the nature with which Boeing has handled this crisis and I’m with you – admit fault, fix it, move on. It’s not complicated but when ego and interesting motives interfere, that’s when things get crazy… Thanks for checking in, SC

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