What Is A Beachbody Coach? A Former Coach Explains MLM

What Is A Beachbody Coach? A Former Coach Explains MLM #fitness #multilevelmarketing #beachbody #business #sidehustle #workfromhome

The following is an interview between Melissa Blevins and Michael Dinich. Melissa offers practical money tips to the free-spirited nerd. She is also a former Beachbody coach, and her posts and Youtube videos on the subject have blown up on social media. I saw this first published on Michael’s site and republished it here with their permission. I thought her experience may resonate with, or even caution, some readers.     What Is A Beachbody Coach? Melissa Blevins Explains Multi-Level Marketing And Why You Should Avoid It!     What caused you to become a Beachbody Coach?   I’ve always looked for ways to grow my income, and actually, Beachbody coaching wasn’t my first multi-level marketing attempt. About 15 years ago, I signed on to be a Mary Kay representative. The local “Director” drove a pretty pink Cadillac and talked a good game about the “opportunity” to make money while helping […]

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Diversify your Portfolio (Financial Pillar #9)

How to Diversify Your Portfolio #saving #investing

Check out the complete list of Financial Pillars Here   During the market crash in 2008, I kinda-sorta misplaced $20,000 worth of mutual funds. This represented 66% of my total funds invested in the market at that time.   That was a gut-punch.   Do you know what was worse?   When I lost 66% of my invested money, I also lost 66% of my net worth.   That was a kick in the groin… Followed by a gut-punch and a smack in the face. Then The Rock came by to give me the People’s Elbow… And when I got back up, Chuck Norris stopped by to roundhouse kick me in the face.     Yeah… It was like that…   After dusting myself off and eventually standing back up, I vowed to never let one attack take me down again.   I vowed to diversify my portfolio   Let’s […]

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Purchase. Relocate. Open. The EPIC 467-day battle for entrepreneurship

Our epic battle for entrepreneurship

The battle for entrepreneurship starts well before owning a business…   467 Days – Full of long nights, early mornings, missed dinners, ridiculous stress, and moments stolen from family and friends. There were unnecessary arguments, distracted conversations, and more apologies than I can count (or am willing to share)…   But, on the flip side.    There were learned skills of negotiation, risk management, decision making, business forecasting, marketing, web development, cash flow analysis, and professional relationship management – to pick a small few…   (Photo courtesy of MKulp Photography)   467 Days ago Monica and I decided that we would actively pursue the purchase of a dental practice.    Not just any dental practice. The same practice that she had been working at for 2 years and had previously declined an offer to buy. Quickly.   We had looked at other practices, sure… But this one needed more TLC than we […]

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Our unorthodox path to $X00,000 of debt – and what we’re doing about it


Yes – I call myself a personal finance blogger. AND… Yes – that mysterious crooked number with five zeros after it does represent a relatively recent picture of the debt we have amassed as a family.   (Photo by MKulp Photography)   This story is a bit different from the other personal finance bloggers you’ll read about. There’s no tale of a mansion we couldn’t afford that went under. Over-priced cars that cost us thousands. Lavish vacations paid for with tomorrow’s money (credit cards)… I guess I did lose about $15,000 during the market crash, but that doesn’t equate to nearly a million dollars in debt, right?? Correct. In fact, we’ve lived a relatively frugal lifestyle and we understand the process of coming up with new excuses every weekend as to why dinner out with friends wouldn’t be an option. We’ve argued with utility companies, shopped for the best rewards […]

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The good, the bad, and the perplexing – business relationships over the past year


The amount of information I’ve learned throughout the process of buying and running a business is laughable. For many reasons.   1) We thought we knew what we were doing before we got started – ha. 2) Who knew that a dental practice manager needs to know how many Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) an HVAC unit needs to output per square foot of office space? – I didn’t 3) Some people are truly kind, good-hearted, and want to see you succeed. Other’s could care less once you no longer matter to their bottom line. …   – And the most important thing I’ve learned – …   9672) Relationships are the most important key to long-term success (caveats: we’ve been in business for just over 4 months now and this is an assumption, but I don’t foresee a scenario where this isn’t true).   Customers, business partners, employees, your […]

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Beyond the burnout and why I haven’t posted in 3 months


Man, we had a good thing going back there. There were the 5-am workouts, the 9-5, the family, our new business, and over 100 posts without a serious break. For about 9 months I had this thing rocking on all cylinders, was saying things like “Sleep is for the weak,” getting a ton of things done, and actually being a good husband/dad (unconfirmed reports). I bet you can guess what happened in October, though???   And although it pains me to admit this weakness, a weakness it was: I. Burnt. Out.    For me, burnout looked like sleeping in until 6, the regular 9-5, all family time after work, and 15-30 minutes on the business in the evenings. For workouts, I would squeeze 12 minutes of running into my day either picking up Clara from school or literally running to the drugstore. I did 100 burpees for time. I repped […]

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Cathartic reflections on an anxiety riddled 7-months


I wrote what’s below at 10:00 pm on day-2 of our recent beach vacation (also 2 days after completing the acquisition of MFD). I went back-and-forth on whether or not to publish this article. Perhaps it would be best served as just a personal exercise for me getting some of these thoughts out of my head and onto the page, but… Anxiety has been something I’ve dealt with indirectly for a decent amount of time, and although this was my first real bout, many people we know have gone toe-to-toe with the anxiety foe at one time or another. If you can relate, maybe this will speak to you. If not, I’ll be back to the financial posts and uplifting (attempting) humorous posts next week. As always, thanks for being here!   -Mike   (ps- it takes a couple paragraphs for me to find some traction. Bear with me)   […]

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Well… We bought a dental practice!!! (“The Project”)

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You may be thinking to yourself, “Wait. He’s not a dentist…?”   Correct you are. My wife, on the other hand – 100% Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).   I’m writing this article in June of 2017, and as we near our closing date (June 30, 2017) on “the practice” (hereinafter referred to as Monfredi Family Dental – I’ve read so many documents written by lawyers lately…), I cannot wait to share much of what we’ve been through in the past 7-ish months (we started the process for buying this practice in December 2016).   I’ve heard some people that I have great respect for say recently, “…Getting an MBA can be a huge waste of time and money. You should just start a business. At least that way you have a chance to make your money back…”   Well… We indirectly took them up on that offer.   And, although […]

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