What is a Reverse Mortgage, and is it Right for You?

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  Still asking, “What is a reverse mortgage?” Well, so was I… I’ve seen the commercials, and while Tom Selleck’s mustache is ‘on point’, does he actually have any clue what he’s talking about?     It always gets me seeing these wealthy actors trying to relate to “the common American” as they discuss the financial decisions “all of us have to make”… I mean, c’mon, Tom – we all know you’ve been on either Magnum PI or Blue Bloods for the past 45-ish years. Don’t come at me trying to make us think you’ve actually considered a reverse mortgage, let alone actually know what one is and how it works.   But that mustache… Any man with that capability surely has at least some of his ducks in a row.   So while I honestly had no clue what a reverse mortgage is, I had to enlist some guest posting help. Melissa […]

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Science Explains Why the Debt Snowball Will Make you Debt Free

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  I was an early adopter (in my peer group) of Dave Ramsey and his snowball method some 10 years ago. My wife and I were just two kids – young and in love – and like most young couples in 2008, we had what we thought was a ton of debt… Little did we know the actual mountain of debt that would await us just a few short years later (but that’s not completely relevant here) ;).   So when I rented the Total Money Makeover and took it with us on a vacation to Mexico (are you seeing the irony here???), Dave’s book changed our lives for the better when, financially speaking, we were at a major fork in the road.   Until now, I never really sat down to analyze why the Total Money Makeover worked for us, I just knew that it did (and for many […]

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Can You Buy a House And Have Student Loan Debt…?

Can You Buy a House And Have Student Loan Debt...?

  Baby I’m a rebel… Soul Rebel.     What I mean to say is that I don’t mind bucking a few trends or commonly held beliefs from time to time. One of those bucked trends was us buying our home while already under a mountain of student loan debt.   We had our reasons and we wouldn’t change that decision if we had the opportunity to, but many others would strongly advise against such a choice. For example, trying to decide between paying off the mortgage early or investing – I can see both sides.   Same goes for buying a new car vs. leasing… I hear both arguments. Although late car payments are becoming a frightening trend these days.   In any case, there’s an argument to be made. And today’s battle is no different. My friend, the Debt Free Dr. is here to give us all the […]

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What you Absolutely Need in Homeowners Insurance

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  When we set out to buy our home, we knew we needed homeowners insurance (because our lender told us so). But we had no idea what level of coverage we needed or what coverage was vital and what we could do without. I could navigate the hurdles of changing interest rates when we refinanced our mortgage, but when it came to coverage, I was lost. So today I’m stoked to share this post – homeowners insurance coverage explained.   With the ease of a sharp knife cutting through warm butter, I’ve made financial mistakes surrounding our mortgage… Like paying the mortgage twice in December (by accident) and waking up to a “Bank Overdraft” alert after paying our mortgage (among other things).   And because I’m still learning in the homeowners insurance department, I’ve enlisted the help of some of my friends at Consumers Advocate to help us all better […]

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I Remove Collision Insurance – We Get in a Collision

I Removed Collision Insurance - We Get in a Collision #Saving #AutoInsurance #Budget #Accident

File this under the “full disclosure” section of MikedUp Blog… Last week I wrote all about the awesome financial benefits we’d have by removing collision auto insurance from our decade-old vehicles.   “It’ll be great,” I said. “We’ll save hundreds… or thousands if we can stay in these cars for a few more years.” And in my defense, I wasn’t wrong on that point. But there’s that word: ‘if’   Well, it just so happens that one of our vehicles was in a collision… Precisely 3 weeks after I wrote the initial post and subsequently stopped the collision insurance. And as it turns out, there aren’t a ton of savings via lower premiums in 3 weeks. So the benefits of removing collision insurance on that car were about, roughly, close-to… $0.   And zero cents.     Ok, now that those numbers are out of the way – here’s the […]

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“I Want to Build a Home Gym… In My Garage… Right Now”

"I Want to Build a Home Gym... In My Garage... Right Now"

  In today’s post, I’ll discuss the vitally important organizations that are dueling piano bars, my love for fitness and working out, throw in some quality GIFs, but mainly this post is a well-calculated and analytical ploy to a readership of 1. I’ll be passively-aggressively forwarding this link to my wife as my opening and closing argument for why we should need to build a home gym in our garage.   You with me?   Or, like the masses, do you think I’m a 6 out of 10 on the ‘crazy spectrum’ as well?   Let us know in the comments!     The Desire to Build a Home Gym Doesn’t Crop up out of Nowhere – Here’s my Origin Story…   Have you ever been to a dueling piano bar?   I’ve been to 2 and each time I’ve come away with sore cheeks (smiling) and no voice (singing […]

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When playgrounds fight back

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You know when you’ve got a perfect Sunday in the spring. “The birds are back in town” – and may or may not wake your wife up just a bit too early. Hey, the windows were open because there’s no topping a cool, crisp, freshness during the night. The temperature dips around the mid-50s in the early morning then climbs to a steady 73-75 at mid-day. There isn’t 1 visible cloud in the entire sky, and the plants are finally starting to buy the fact that it’s springtime (we’re in Ohio and day-to-day temperature fluctuations can be astronomical this time of year – flowers, freezing, flowers,…).   Monica and I knew this was one such Sunday. Most of the weekend chores were done on Saturday so we had some spare time. Secondly, we were in that solid window before dinner and right after Clara’s afternoon nap. Timing was right. It also […]

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When the Status Quo Can’t Make you Wildly Wealthy but This Can…

When the Status Quo Can't Make you Wildly Wealthy but This Can...

  In a sweet Inception-like game, I wrote this post which was originally published on The Money Mix. It’s all about how we’ve used small business loans to advance our business and personal finances, and it’s packed with actionable intel. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!     “One hundred fifty thousand on the build-out, two hundred seventy-five on the business, and another couple hundred on the goodwill…” It was like a sick and twisted math problem, circa 1st grade, just adding up all the small business loans we had taken out. Was I stressed and burnt out, and (in an honest moment) just a little terrified…?   I was.   But, at the same moment, I would also admit to feeling as professionally “alive” as I had ever felt in the past. There we were, a married couple in our early thirties and now business partners. […]

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How to Make a Full-Time Income Working From Home

How to Make a Full-Time Income Working From Home

  About a month ago, we published a post about The 10 Best Work from Home Jobs for Stay at Home Parents in 2019. While many readers received some great ideas and enjoyed the post, there is a whole world of possibilities out there.   So, when The Money Mix approached me with this post to syndicate here, I was originally skeptical. But then I read through the post and saw that there were many differences in what they determine are the 10 Best Work from Home Jobs compared with what we had previously published.   If you found something in the first post that is helping you to earn a little extra income – Awesome! But either way – here are 10 more great options, each with an actionable and detailed explanation of how to get started earning yourself a work from home income.   Good luck!   This article […]

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Heads-Up! Early Retirement Can Be Bad for Your Health

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Whether you put in your 40 years with the company or are on the 10-year saving spree leading to FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) – you would be wise to glance past the finish line and consider some basic facts. It pains me to write this, but – early retirement can be bad for your health… I mean, really bad…   (Photo courtesy of MKulp Photography)   After years of hard work, early mornings, and late nights of working toward your career goals – that pot at the end of the rainbow can be one of the most dangerous ruses of your lifetime. In fact, retirement ranks in at #10 in terms of the average individuals most stressful life events (Source). Let’s start with the bad news.   Studies from these Harvard, US News and World Report, and Medical Daily articles all discuss some part of the frightening reality that early retirement has […]

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