What are Job Benefits Really Worth?

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If you’ve had a job, you’ve had a talk about benefits with your friends or family.   “Well, the salary is a little lower than I’d like but the benefits are nice.” Or, “I need this job for the benefits.” Or, “Benefits. What benefits?” Or, how about this one, “This job has the perfect salary and a ton of benefits!”   We’ve all heard that last one, right?   I had one of these talks with a job searching friend the other day and it spurred this question: How much are job benefits really worth? We’re talking cash value. Healthcare, retirement, time off, and other ‘benefits.’ What percentage of your paycheck. So, compared benefits from different jobs that I’ve had, in addition to jobs of friends, to get a breakdown for the benefits given in 3 different job types (government job, private career-type job, and hourly work job).   Keep […]

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Your Savings Account is Wasting you Time and Money

Your savings account is wasting you time and money

(Photo by RNM)   0.06% – According to the FDIC, this is the current national average interest rate for savings accounts. 0.06%!!!   Factoring in gas money to get to the bank, you earn approximately the same amount of money by simply putting your money under your mattress – Nothing.   As an example: If you invest $10,000 on January 1 and make no changes throughout the year, your savings account will have a balance of $10,006 on December 31. What’s the point?? Collecting loose change throughout the year could more-than-double that yield…   Why have a savings account in the first place?   There are a few good reasons to open a savings account.   1) It visually and physically distinguishes your running checking account from the money you’ve set aside for a rainy day, vacation, or down payment.   2) Your money is FDIC insured (up to $250,000 with […]

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We eliminated $200.60 in normal spending this month – here’s how

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  Photo by RNM   There comes a point for most of us when you’re looking at the monthly budget, and after considering income and fixed expenses (contracts and bills), we don’t have a whole lot left over. You scratch and claw trying to cut variable expenses (groceries, fun money, unnecessary items) and consider starting a side hustle just to create some breathing room.   I’ve done all of these and after a while it becomes just as painful as you may imagine… You get run down because you’re working so much and having no fun. You start seeing the same scenery over and over again because to switch it up and drive to another part of town costs gas money. Then, inevitably, at the end of the week (or month if you’ve got some willpower) you break down, take a night off from the side hustle, and take the […]

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Warren Buffett bet huge on index funds – here are 5 reasons why you should too.

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(Photo by SMW)   Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. If you’re not too familiar with him as a professional, just know that many people attempt to model their investment strategies after his. Oh, and he’s worth billions, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.   As reported by Fortune and National Public Radio (and many other outlets), about 8 years ago Buffett took a bet of $1,000,000 against Protege Partners, a money management firm.   What was the bet?   Over a 10 year time period, who can pick the more successful investment? Simple as that.   How did this bet take shape?    Buffett challenged the hedge fund world in a speech – Protege Partners took the bait.   Where do the winnings go?    The winnings (which were invested themselves – […]

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These two are on track to pay off $89,000 in student loans in 15 months – and they didn’t win the lottery

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  …Noah Syndergaard (Pitcher for the New York Mets) is standing on the mound and staring intently at his catcher’s movements. He seems satisfied as he stands tall and mean mugs the runner on second. It’s the bottom of the 9th and that guy represents the tying run. He cannot advance. Syndergaard winds and delivers…   “Was it a strike?” Jon’s mind searches for the answer as he is roused from the dream by something gently poking his cheek. He realizes the dream is gone as consciousness overcomes him.   Now it feels like there are a few tiny sticks prodding his cheek so he swings and grabs. Nothing bothering his face but now it’s in his hand. Jon opens his eyes to find… a Boxelder bug (a stink bug). Not cool man. He sits up and sees them all over his room. He’s living with 6 other guys and initially chalks […]

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The spending freeze – jump start your budget

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  You’ve seen the medical dramas on TV… We’re in the emergency room with tall, dark, and handsome doctors and nondescript nurses all crowded around a motionless victim. Loud noises tell us the heart rate is flat-lining and we’re short on time. “Get me a crash cart, now!!” Said crash cart arrives a split second later – almost like it was part of the script – and as the doc grabs the paddles and rubs them together he yells, “Clear!” The electric current lifts this victim up off the table and then leaves, slamming the body back to the gurney. This is touch-and-go, and we’re on the edge of our seats because we honestly don’t know if these breaths may be this guy’s last… Cut to commercial. “Let H&R Block he…”   Let’s pretend you are the doctor in this scenario and I’ll ask you a question. Have you ever […]

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