About Mike

  Welcome! Who is this ‘MikedUp’ guy? Hi Team! My name is Mike Monfredi, creator of MikedUp Blog, and I am truly grateful and excited that you have found your way to this site! The content you’ll find here is aimed at adding some aspect of value to your life, whether that be through some new piece of information to you or hopefully some entertaining moments.   My family and closest friends have referred to me as an interesting character to say the least. They’ve called me everything from a caring best friend, a thoughtful and understanding confidant, a great husband and parent, to incredibly incessant, exhausting, overly competitive, and complicated… Really running the gamut here. It’s their qualifications (slightly) and past and present life experiences I will call on to cover the topics of Fitness, Finance, and Family.     Let’s start with Fitness –          I have […]

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