I Found True Happiness on the Far Side of the World

Finding True Happiness On The Far Side of the World #Joy #Happiness

It was “go outside and start sweating instantly” hot with 100% humidity.   We had finally made it to a suitable campsite at about 4:00pm and I was quickly running out of water. The 4 liters I had packed in the morning were all bone dry, save for a few drops in one of my bottles.   The rum was still half full though… But that wasn’t going to do my dehydration much good. I glanced at my two friends, both dropping their packs and seemingly exhausted. We were the only 3 humans within 50 miles on the uncivilized edge of a Costa Rican rainforest. Ocean to our west and deadly rainforest to our east. The options were few.   I knew we had to take care of a few priorities. Quickly. Darkness was coming and we needed to set up our tents, start a fire, and find water. All […]

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A No-Nonsense Method to Crush Complacency

No-Nonsense Method to Crush Complacency #Goals #Progress

For the past 5 days, I had been feeling like garbage   I’d get a decent amount of sleep but wake up exhausted. My workouts were uninspired. And every time I’d sit down to start writing at night, the words I typed were wasting the digital space they occupied.   “What’s the deal here?!?” I’d say to myself. I was following my self-prescribed 10 Steps to not have a stress-induced heart attack (read: don’t burn out) that had previously worked superbly. But not this week.   I was in a rut and didn’t know how to get out   At about 11:00 on Friday morning (Day 5), I made a decision. Instead of just accepting this constant feeling of ‘blah’ – I decided to take action.   It would’ve been easy and uncomplicated to just sit in my office’s break room for 30 minutes, eat lunch, then proceed with this […]

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67 Great Frugal Tips to Make you Wealthier Today

67 Great Frugal Tips to Make you Wealthier Today

There was a point in my life when I’d ask my college roommates to bring me back ketchup packets from their lunches out (#1). I wasn’t about to pay full price for the Heinz when they’re just giving that stuff away at some local establishments… I mean, C’mon.   I say the above to let you know that I’ve sat for hours contemplating different ways to save a buck here or earn a buck there. All in a combined frugal effort to fight the staggeringly large 6-figure student loan debt over our heads.   And now that I’ve been to the frugal mountaintop and we’re nearing the end of our student loan repayment, my personal finance nerd friends and I will occasionally search the web for frugal tips that we haven’t heard of or tried in a while.   But I haven’t found a comprehensive list that details all the […]

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Shout-out: 20 Reasons Why I spent Over $10,000 on a Home Gym

IMG 1025

Hello all!   Our Saturday morning shout-outs highlight a post/article/book/other that I’ve come across lately that deserves exactly that: a ‘shout-out.’ The goal here is to hopefully introduce my readers to other authors or bloggers that have had an impact on me, my writing, and my life.   This week’s shout-out is: 20 Reasons Why I spent Over $10,000 on a Home Gym(Miguel – The Rich Miser)   Click here to check out the post!    While I’m not planning to shell out $10k on a home gym, my optimistic-self thinks that a (less expensive) home gym could be in my future. Aside from the convenience factor of having the gym in your house, Miguel goes on to extensively explain why what some may consider a luxury item should be at least considered as a staple. Hey, I write about fitness on occasion, so the fitness as a priority point isn’t […]

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Shout-out: How To Save On Healthcare Costs


Hello all!   Our Saturday morning shout-outs highlight a post/article/book/other that I’ve come across lately that deserves exactly that: a ‘shout-out.’ The goal here is to hopefully introduce my readers to other authors or bloggers that have had an impact on me, my writing, and my life.   This week’s shout-out is: How To Save On Healthcare Costs (Jim from The White Coat Investor)   Click here to check out the post!   You want to help me reduce healthcare costs? I’m in. Oh, and you’re a doctor who knows the system inside and out? Yeah, now I’m glued. Jim is a licensed physician with over a decade in practice and he’s taken the liberty to give us some actionable and (actually) achievable pieces of advice to help reduce or eliminate health-related costs. As we’ve set off in business for ourselves and will soon be responsible for our entire healthcare costs, […]

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He walks to work every day for 4 years and I’m curious

He walks to work every day for 4 years and I'm curious

Hi, Team!   What’s below is a unique exchange between two bloggers. Scott (at Making Momentum), is a blogger I’ve come to know, respect, and learn A TON from recently. His weekly Saturday Round-Up posts may be the best I’ve seen and his combination of personal finance, fitness, and overall self-improvement posts are right up my alley.   Given the info above, I’m pretty glued to his site these days, and when his recent post about him walking to work every day for 4 years was published I was all-in! Probably equal parts respect, jealousy, and sheer wonder had my mind spinning while reading through his post.   He did a great job explaining the benefits of walking compared with driving or public transit, but the questions I had were more of a “nuts and bolts” variety (e.g. – how does he actually do this???). So I reached out on […]

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Why can’t dudes do Zumba too? … 2

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If you missed the first half of this article, feel free to check it out here before reading the conclusion. There I explained the purpose of this post, in case you were thinking, “Why, on earth, would a man want to do Zumba?” If you already understand my craziness, please feel free to press on. Thanks for coming back!   Last time we covered my experiences in Pilates and a boot camp at my daughter’s preschool. This time, we’re getting down to business. We’ve got Zumba and Dance Fusion…   Zumba beginning     Before lacing up the Nikes and setting foot on that parquet floor, my tank-top and running shorts wearing self sat in my car and thought, “Really man? Just stand up, get in there, and get this over with. Who knows? Maybe you’ll love it.” A hopeless attempt at getting me to believe I’d enjoy what’s coming […]

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Why I Write About Physical Fitness and How YOU Benefit

Picture of Mike after a workout showing his physical fitness

I know what it’s like to be on the physical fitness path…   To be an athlete competing at the highest level of your ‘profession,’ against other fine-tuned-machines of men. Some of whom would go on to play in the NFL and earn Super Bowl rings.   My collegiate football career saw me gaining muscle, burning fat, and improving every day as I competed with my teammates on Division I (MAC Conference) Kent State Golden Flashes Football Team.   At 255 pounds, I was a Tight End / Fullback hybrid that was used primarily in the passing game. I ran a respectable 4.68 40-yard dash, and although my numbers were decent, I still had quite a ways to go. But I was on the path…   I was in the prime of my athletic career up to that point… Until one day – I wasn’t   During the course of […]

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7 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks That Dramatically Improve Your Health (guest blogger – Gehana)

IMG 0415

Hi, Team! This week’s post comes to us from Gehana Kennedy, owner of vitaminshop.ae, the go-to source for high-quality wellness products including a range of step-by-step formulated vitamins, fitness supplements, and natural skin care products. With innovative ideas and implementation of new technologies, she was able to establish a platform that offers not only quality products but also valuable information for customers. I’ll say 2 things up front: 1) I have not used her products before, but 2) I get pitched on occasion for a wide variety of guest posts and this one stood out from the start. There are some great and actionable tips below, so let me get out of the way and let Gehana take it from here!     Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to dramatically change your lifestyle to see significant changes in your health. Every dramatic improvement in your health can be started […]

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Your limitations need tested… Regularly

IMG 3590.JPG

I was a 15-year-old 3-sport athlete that was fortunate enough to play in highly competitive leagues that typically led to great opportunities at the next level. Baseball and Football were my top 2 sports, and (humble brag alert) I was on track to play one or both of these in college… And maybe get paid to do it. Basketball, on the other hand, was the spot I played in the winter to stay in shape without the dreaded (and required) winter lifting program that came as a side to the main dish that was the football team. Throughout all of these practices, games, off-season conditioning programs, fights, and the like, I had learned to push my body and mind in ways previously unimagined. Every day led to increased strength and confidence as I became accustomed to my growing self. But it was a sequence during this afterthought of a sport […]

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