The card workout challenge

Welcome to Fitness Week at MikedUp Blog! This is a 100% affordable, portable, and adjustable workout that I most likely got from somebody (to that person – I apologize), and we are going to turn it into a challenge. I do this workout regularly when I don’t have a ton of time or a fancy gym to do kettle bell swings, ropes, or whatever other highly effective fad I’ve recently taken part in. This is the card workout. Workout explained first, challenge later.     What you need: A deck of cards, towel, stopwatch, water, and a propensity to sweat… a lot.   The workout: Start with your cards shuffled up. After you start your stopwatch, you will then simply draw one card at a time and the card will tell you what to do. First, the suit determines the exercise.   Card Suit Exercise Hearts Burpees (cardio & all […]

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Getting Started with Exercise? Never Miss a Monday


Do you know what percentage of your week is equal to 3 half hour workouts? 0.9%.   Let’s go bold and say we’re going to tackle four hour-long workouts. Throw in 15 minutes a piece for drive time. That’s 5 solid hours devoted to exercise and your overall health. Ok, 5 hours is a huge chunk of time, right? We couldn’t take that away from the kids, work, cocktail hour, Facebook, election coverage, or The Bachelor. That’d be ridiculous. What if I told you that is only 3% of your week? Could you sacrifice 3% – for you? Let’s come back to this.   I equate achieving some level of fitness to pushing a boulder up and over a hill. Standing at the bottom looking up seems daunting, insurmountable, and like a waste of time, I get it – but it’s possible. Also, once you reach the top it’s much […]

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