How to not Let Cognitive Biases Delay Your Financial Freedom

How to not Let Cognitive Biases Delay Your Financial Freedom #biases #freedom #personalgrowth

    Hello, MikedUp Blog readers!  My name is Jerry, the creator of Peerless Money Mentor – a personal finance site that is primarily focused on helping people become financially woke, and I’m here to discuss how to not let cognitive biases delay your financial freedom.     First of all, I’d like to thank Mike for letting me borrow his digital space.  I always find his content very entertaining and highly informative.   Today, I will talk about something we all struggle with: cognitive biases.  While there are about 20 cognitive biases I can name off the top of my head, I have narrowed the list down to two.  We will discuss the sunk-cost fallacy and recency bias.   I’ll tell a story of how I have struggled to overcome each one of these biases and provide examples.  After covering each cognitive bias, I’ll provide a potential solution for […]

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Why I Write About Business and How YOU Benefit

Becoming a business owner was one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of my life. Here are the 5 resources that helped me most along the journey #business #personaldevelopment #goals

  Three years ago, my wife and I willingly jumped into the entrepreneurial deep end. And at that moment, effectively put our family under a near 7-figure sum of debt that we won’t shake loose from for a decade. Were we scared at times…? No – we were terrified, stressed, and on-edge for nearly 2 years. But looking back from the other side, I wouldn’t change those nerve-wracking years for anything. They’re what allowed us to pursue and fulfill our professional dream of becoming business owners.   Since we took that leap, our family and our business have been on a rollercoaster ride complete with tremendous highs and some… teachable moments. We earned 140 5-star reviews in our first year of business Grew by 8.7% in our first fiscal year Got blindsided with a 2-weeks notice from one of our most trusted employees Almost went bankrupt (and one of our proudest accomplishments) helped […]

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4 Financial Mistakes That Actually Improved our Lives

4 Financial Mistakes That Actually Improved our Lives #personalfinance #family #saving #emergencyfund #home

  Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Jon back onto the site! We first heard from him a couple years ago when he discussed how he and his wife paid off $89,000 of student loans in just over a year, and while he’s written a few articles since… it’s been a minute. That’s why I’m stoked he’s here today to talk about some of the financial mistakes he’s made and how they may have actually benefited his family!   It’s not all $89,000 student loan payoffs, friends – we’ve all made some mistakes from time to time. But as you’ll see – it’s less about the mistakes themselves, and more about how you respond.       (Photo courtesy of MissFunctional Money)   Take it away, Jon!     4 Financial Mistakes That Actually Improved our Lives     If you’re anything like me, it can be easy to obsess about […]

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23 Proven Routines and Philosophies For the Best Version of Me

23 Proven Routines and Philosophies For the Best Version of Me #goals #routines #improvement #personaldevelopment

What would you have to do to discover the best version of yourself? Not just the fittest, the smartest, or the most socially responsible you – I’m talking about the total package… The best YOU. All-around. To unleash your fullest potential, you would need to design an incredibly healthy lifestyle prioritizing just the right amount of happiness, fitness, success, and freedom.   Over the last decade, I’ve been experimenting with different routines and philosophies to do just that – design a healthy lifestyle to unleash the best me   In this decade of experimentation (ages 22 – 32), I’ve lost 65 pounds and kept them off, started a business with my wife that provides for our family and the families of our employees, hiked the entirety of the most naturally diverse rainforest on earth (with 2 great buddies) in pursuit of my Master’s degree, became a father (twice over now […]

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What You Should Know About Health Insurance in 2019

What You Should Know About Health Insurance in 2019

    (This is a sponsored post discussing what you should know about health insurance – please see my disclosure for more details.)   Open enrollment just ended and 2019 is in full swing! If you’ve recently enrolled in health insurance, hopefully, you know a thing or two about your new plan. But if you’ve worked at the same company and have received the same health insurance year after year, it’s easy to just click a few buttons without fully reading the fine print.   Are you up-to-date with the latest news?   Knowledge is power and we’re here to discuss some of the most important 2019 health insurance trends—so that you can confidently make an informed decision about your provider and their packages.     What You Should Know About Health Insurance in 2019   You’re No Longer Required to Have It   You probably recall when it became […]

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Unexpected Humor During my Bestie’s Cancer Battle

Unexpected Humor During my Bestie's Cancer Battle

If you’re a regular MikedUp Blog reader, you’ve at least heard about our friend ‘Jen’ and her battle with breast cancer – she wrote 14,000 words about every detail of her story. You’ve also seen Jen’s story from the point of view of her co-worker and dear friend. We’ve sufficiently covered many of the highs and lows that one may encounter with a cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a close friend. However, that’s still a little meat left on the bone. Believe it or not, there are still funny times, great experiences, and human moments that happen during life while on this journey. A lighter side to cancer, if you will.   So in this third and final post detailing some portion of Jen’s journey, I’ve asked one of Jen’s best friends (Erica) to share some of her thoughts about what Jen went through. Below, we’ve got some wig […]

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Boost Your Health in 2019 – Tips to Look and Feel Great

Boost Your Health in 2019 - Tips to Look and Feel Great #sleep #stress #health #fitness

    I’m not getting any younger. And sometimes the aging dog needs to learn new tricks. That’s why when we rang in 2019, I sought out new answers to the question of ‘how to be healthy in 2019.’ Sure, I was maintaining my fitness, but we’ve got a new baby on the way and some other big changes ahead – and my fitness, health, and wellness arsenals needed restocking.   That’s why today I’ve asked Stephanie to help us with some tips:   Personal development and self-care gave Stephanie Haywood a boost when she needed it the most. She writes to share with us the gift of self-knowledge, self-care, and self-actualization to help us face life’s challenges.    Here is Stephanie’s answer to my question of how to be healthy in 2019   Every day you wake up is an opportunity for self-improvement. Make this year your Year of Change, […]

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Improve your Fitness With These Killer 10 Minute Workouts

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Alright, here’s the deal. We’ve all got a bazillion things to do these days. Personally, I’m trying to be the best husband and father, grow our business, improve my blog, network, learn new things, yadda yadda… And if your priorities aren’t in line, it’s not too difficult to hit the “do-later” button when it comes to your workouts. But if we’re being honest, skipping the workout in favor of pretty much anything else can be a huge mistake. I’m no saint when it comes to knocking out hour and a half long workouts 5 days a week, but – when it comes to just needing to get something accomplished, I’ve turned to the 10-minute workouts below to get the job done.   “I hear you and 100% – yes, if we’ve got enough time to workout for an hour at a time a few days each week, that would be ideal.”   […]

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How She Lost 220 Pounds and Took Back Her Life


Alright… You caught me. I was procrastinating and scrolling through my Facebook feed a while back, just killing some time when I saw a friend of mine post, “This is how I lost 220 pounds in about 18 months!” The post was headlined by before and after pictures, and I literally did a triple take. 220 pounds!! That’s crazy, amazing, awesome, and … it had me wondering: what weight loss tips could she share for someone at the start of their journey?   Here are some of her before/after pics:     During her journey, Kate went from a size 4XL to a Medium and from a pant size 28 down to an 8/10 (depending on the pants ????)   So I reached out to my friend (Kate) to ask if she’d be willing to share a bit of how she made it happen. She was stoked to share her tips and […]

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“I Have Accepted Another Job Offer – This is My 2-Weeks Notice”

"I Have Accepted Another Job Offer - This is My 2-Weeks Notice" #2-weeksnotice #resignation #business #employees #respect

  “Wait… What?!?!” Let me just say off the top that receiving our first version of the “2-weeks notice” flanked the $h_t out of me. I never saw it coming… Not even for a second. But after some time to reflect, process, and move forward – as they say, “Everything happens for a reason.” Now all that’s left to find out is whether that reason will set our family up for the next great step in life complete with increased happiness and wealth… or, if that reason is the start of the financial apocalypse as we know it…     (Photo courtesy of Justin Montemarano)   We’ll get back to the 2-weeks notice, but first – a MikedUp Blog original     Don’t know if you’ve heard, but my wife was pregnant with our second child and due back in early January (I don’t say: “we’re pregnant…”).     So […]

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