Debt as a Money Tool vs. Debt is the Devil – 2 Bloggers Duel!

Debt as a money tool vs. Debt is evil

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I’ll get to my fight about whether to use debt as a money tool or to stay far-far away from all debt – at any cost – below. But for now, let me give you some context and catch you up to speed with a few current events. Sound good? Awesome!


I am happy to report that the blogging world has kept me busy lately! 


MikedUp Blog has been picking up some momentum lately and it’s all thanks to – YOU! The readers who keep coming back, who share these posts with friends, and those of you that send emails, Tweets, and comment on my posts. THANK YOU!!! Truly.


THANK YOU!!! Truly. This blog has opened a few doors up to me that weren’t previously available and I appreciate all you’ve done to make that happen! Now, here’s what’s been happening lately:



How not to have a stress-induced heart attack was featured on Rockstar Finance



  • I guest-hosted a podcast for Pete at Do You Even Blog? (A podcast I listen to regularly and is well respected in our community)!!!!! – This will publish sometime in June.
  • There were a couple of guest posts that published recently or will publish soon.
  • I’ve made some blogger friends that I think are real… and not just bots… (we’ll find out if I can make it to FinCon this year).
  • And then something else happened which is the reason for this post…


I got into a fight with another personal finance blogger – one that I respect and have known for a couple of years now. 


Oh, no! We didn’t come to blows or anything. We’ve actually never met in person. OK, so it was more of a structured debate around a controversial topic in personal finance…


Debt – and whether we should use it as a money tool – or – if we should stay far-far away from any and all forms


The reason why we got into this debate in the first place is a product of that same prominent site that I mentioned above (Rockstar Finance). The management team has recently started launching some new features on the site. Previously, they would only share the best personal finance content on the internet. But now, in addition to sharing amazing stuff, they also publish their own work, host workshops for bloggers to improve their sites, and are working on new ways to engage their readers.


One of those new engagement ideas is their Money Match-Up feature that has been running on Friday’s for the past few weeks and should run up through FinCon in September. In these posts, two bloggers are pitted on opposite sides of an argument and left to debate their respective sides – and let the people decide their fates.


Before we go too far into this, where are you at on the topic? Take a minute to ponder…


Is there ever a “good time” to use debt, or is it actually the devil?



I have a strong opinion on debt, as does Chris (The Cash Dad) – the blogger I debated the issue with.


Debt has been a hot-button issue that’s impacted so many of us. With student loans, mortgages, credit cards, … – it’s difficult to think for even a minute that debt can be a good thing. But in the post on Rockstar Finance, I caution you to not discount debt just for debt’s sake. I’d love it if you went over and checked out the full post. Bonus points if you let me know your thoughts in the comments section below this post!


Here’s the link to our feature that went live on June 8!


Thanks for reading!


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I’m glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike
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