“I’ve – Got – Posts… On Big-Time Sites and Blogs!” (Updated)

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Since I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see MikedUp Blog grow in readership over the last 2.5 years, I’ve been so stoked and humbled to be able to write for some pretty amazing publications and other blogs! While I’ve tried to include the fact that, “Hey – I wrote for Business Insider!!” or “I’m on this awesome blog you should check out!!” – on our Saturday Shout-outs or in a weekly email I had been sending exclusively to my subscribers, keeping you all informed of my guest posts has been a little clunky and disorganized.


So I’ve come up with this page here – “Every Guest Post Mike’s Written… Ever”


It’s pretty straightforward and will probably evolve over time, but with this method, I’ll have an easy to digest resource for you in case you’re looking for posts I’ve written on other blogs. Thanks so much for checking them out!


(I have a few stragglers I’m still rounding up – stay tuned for those… Also – I have added a section for news articles that I have been featured or quoted in below)



Most Recent Guest Post
Major Industry Publication (Big Deal…)


Every Guest Post Mike’s Written… Ever:


Posts that I’ve been featured/quoted in (written by different authors):

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  1. I’m just beginning my foray into guest posting on sites. I have a few coming out on XrayVSN’s site in early December but no others lined up.

    I’m curious to know how you went about guest posting on these sites? My strategy is to comment on several of the blogger’s posts over time and attempt to build a relationship.

    Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

    1. First off – thanks a ton for the kind words. You know, I didn’t really realize how many of these were stacking up until I started putting this post together – but there have been a few. Still, though – I’m always trying to reach out and see what other opportunities are out there.

      For many of them, it was a simple email asking to contribute. In that, I’d pitch my idea, talk briefly about what other awesome sites have featured my stuff before, then asked if they’d be interested. Many folks love to host great posts. Then, I’d work to make sure the post was the best version that I could submit.

      After some time, you’ll hope to get lucky and see that someone, somewhere, saw one of your posts and would like to have you contribute. But, if I’m honest – it pays to know some folks with connections. Don’t be afraid to explore some internet friends as well.

      Feel free to reach out, if you’d like to talk more about this – and thanks again!

  2. Mike this is a BRILLIANT idea. I love the concept of it and might have to steal it myself for my blog. Lol

    I think my list will be quite short compared to you. You are absolutely prolific.

    Another takeoff of this idea might be to do a list with links to sites that have actually featured content from your site. I have been collecting badges for my “as seen on” section in my sidebar but might be smart to put a page on it as well.

    Anyway congrats on your blog taking off and the fact that you are busting your butt writing all these these posts shows why you are crushing it

    1. Xray – my ego really loves your comment! Thank you!

      I kept trying to come up with a decent way to keep my readers up to date on posts I’ve written elsewhere and couldn’t find a decent solution. I’m really glad you think this one works well because I was pretty hopeful it could be a good resource.

      Your idea for links to features on other sites is a great one too! I think the graphical nature of that could make for a great visual – nice thinking!

      And quit being so humble over there – I’ve seen your writing all over, people posting on your blogs, and your continued success, sir! Not so bad, yourself.

      Thanks so much for the kind words and you keep crushing it as well!

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