Hey, all – I’m asking for a quick favor here

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Hopefully, the new baby pic of Stella helped grab your attention… (Desperate times, ya know??)


Team –


First off, thanks a million for stopping by! Whether it’s your first time on MikedUp Blog or visit number 1,792 (thanks, Mom) – just know that I appreciate each and every one of you!


If you are relatively new here, I’d ask you to head over to my Start Here page to learn much more about me and what you can expect to find here on MikedUp Blog’s regularly scheduled posts (I’m pretty proud of how the Start Here page has come together).


With that being said – I’ll cut to the chase


I’m in Rockstar Finance’s ‘Rumble’ this weekend and – shameless ask here – I could use your vote. I’ll tell you how you can help me out in under 30 seconds and then I’ll give you some background on what this contest is all about.


To help:


  • Head over to today’s Rockstar Rumble by clicking this link
  • Scroll down to the bottom – Game # 48 – that includes my post, “67 Great Frugal Tips to Make You Wealthier Today”
  • Simply vote for my post (Wealthier)
  • Each person is limited to 1 vote per game and the voting ends Sunday, February 3 (so feel free to tell all your friends)




From there, feel free to check out the other posts included in these games and the 47 that come before it. FYI – there will be many more coming after us in the coming days.


What is the Rockstar Rumble?


This is taken directly from Rockstar Finance’s description:


Here are the basics of the competition:

  • Bloggers will submit their posts for consideration by the Rockstar Finance team
  • A total of 128 posts will be selected for the 2018/19 competition
  • Each one will be assigned randomly in a bracket set of “games” similar to the one used for the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament
  • Rockstar will post rounds which will pit one post against another, listing the title of each post and a short description as well as linking to the full post
  • Each day’s competition will be featured on Rockstar’s daily curation email to ensure thousands know about the Rumble
  • Readers vote on which posts they like best (this is where you amazing folks come in)
  • The post with the most votes wins that round (the Rockstar team will break any ties)
  • The winner will advance in the bracket to play again the next round
  • Ultimately, there will be only one post left — the champion for this season
  • The articles will be judged by what Rockstar Finance looks for in a great post.


So, in summary:


Thanks in advance for any votes you’d like to cast (each person is limited to 1 per game so feel free to tell all your friends!!). And hopefully, after you’ve had a chance to vote, you’ll be able to find some other awesome posts from other great bloggers out there!


Head over to the Rockstar Rumble to cast your vote here


Thank you all and enjoy your weekend!




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  1. I voted for your post. You are actually crushing it by a wide margin. My post (uncle Sam game 44) is much closer and currently only have I think 3 vote lead. So please send some of that cute baby pic magic my way. Lol

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