The 11 Most Hilarious Memes From My Wife – Now you Know

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Alright, Team – here’s the deal. I’ve got no value to add to your life with this post. No suggestions to improve your fitness, finances, or business’ competitive position. What I do have are 11 amazing memes from my wife (that qualifies as “family”, right…?). She’s sent these to me throughout pregnancy, us buying our business, and raising our daughters. After months of receiving these memes, laughing my butt off, and responding in kind – I started screen-shotting and saving these things.
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I make no promises to censorship below and I only caution you to know 2 things:
  1. She’s not wrong
  2. She’s hilarious
I’ll provide a couple lines after each meme, but let’s be honest – these things speak for themselves.
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The 11 Most Hilarious Memes From My Wife – Now you Know

1- Let’s hope our [oldest] daughter uses her sass for good rather than evil

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I had been through countless nights of negotiating an appropriate bedtime with the little angel, and after whooping my ___ for about a week straight, she started giving mom the business before drop off at school. We refer to big sis as a “cyborg” for good reason(s): she doesn’t need the “recommended adequate level of sleep for a kid her age,” she’s a physical freak of nature (doesn’t get winded), and she once had a nearly ruptured ear drum and the only reason we knew was because she mentioned one day in passing, “Hey, Daddy – my ear hurts a little.”
“One of the worst I’ve ever seen…” – Her doc.
She’s a self-directed weapon and we can only hope to point her in charitable and fulfilling directions…

2- My mother-in-law once said, “Mike’s a great cook… Monica’s getting better…” But you heard it here first, Team – the woman’s a wizard with the crockpot

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Lasagna, meatloaf, pot roast with carrots and potatoes, and cheeseburger soup… And that was just last week… I think this was literally the look on her face when she pulled that crockpot out of storage this fall. I just make sure that I’m writing all the correct ingredients down when she orates these recipes during the family’s weekly meal prep. Then the rest is magic.

3- I’m not positive but she definitely sent me this one during the recent pregnancy…

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Obviously a situation that could lead to incredible stress and possible burnout, but hey – we don’t know our limits until we push them, eh?

4- Don’t poke Momma Bear…

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Stride Rite shoes ain’t cheap… More than that, Momma Bear no likey being late to church. On last thing – It’s important to understand that these little creatures are like sponges and love repeating new “fun” words mommy and daddy say.
But, I think the main take-home from this meme is that mom and dad need to work as a team. We’re no better than our children. Just older, wiser, and with a shorter fuse. But we put our shoes on one at a time just like them. The difference – we put both shoes on…

5- This lady was describing a recent flight Monica and I had been on… She just didn’t know it.

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I’ve been the best man in 4 weddings, stood in over 10, delivered readings in a few others, and commandeered more DJ microphones than you may believe… Those things don’t happen by sitting in a corner and reading a book. That’s years of making friends with strangers, yelling ’Salute!’ like we’re family, and calling at odd hours of the night to discuss things that won’t matter in a week.
And who doesn’t love jerky?!?!

6- I still can’t say it correctly, and in an honest moment – neither can you

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Go ahead and try… We’ll wait.

7- Life’s all about perspective

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I wrote a post recently (23 Proven Philosophies and Routines for the Best Version of Me) where I discuss at length the importance of identifying your greatest weaknesses. It’s important to know what you’re good at and where you can improve…
Her words: she want’s to improve as a housewife (for the record – I think she does a phenomenal job ????)

8- My wife, the Mike-whisperer

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She told me the other day, “You’re mean when you don’t sleep.” She’s the toughest damn 5’6’’ drill sergeant I’ve ever seen. And she knows just how to whip this solider back into line. I love that she gets the best out of me – whether that’s with words, looks, …, or this meme…

9- When it’s 10:22 and “Bed Time” was at 8:30… You do what you gotta do.

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There you are. You’ve been toiling all day along the treacherous path that is parenthood and finally – you’re within sight of your destination. It’s just up over this hill and around the bend but here you are at a fork in the road…
One path seems a little longer, more scenic, but safe from all distress. It will likely lead to your desired destination and have you in the type of condition that you desire.
The other path is a direct shot, probably 1/10th the distance but there’s what appear to be helmets poking out of the brush from guerrilla fighters laying their trap. Sure, you may make it unscathed and quicker, but you could also be walking with a limp for the rest of your life.
So moms and dads… What’ll it be?

10- Earmuffs, kids…

Image 1 1 e1548382146572
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you burn it down and forget it ever happened… We don’t advocate for the latter too often – but this was one of those times.

11- Don’t let crazy on your bus

Image 20190106 173101
Joy and time – the 2 priceless currencies in life. …Don’t waste either.

Did you enjoy this experiment of a post?? Let me know in the comments below and the Mrs. and I can collaborate more often ????

Thanks for reading!

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