How to Boost Productivity in Your Service Business

How to Boost Productivity in Your Service Business


Today’s sponsored post is all about improving business productivity with simple and easy to enact tips so that you can grow your business and continue providing a great environment for your Team.



How to Improve Business Productivity with Simple and Cost-Effective Methods


As a service business owner, you need to provide your customers with top quality assistance every time they hire you— even in the middle of the night when one of their pipes burst. If you own a small business, it’s important to keep your productivity up to please your clients, grow your company, and expand your business. If your efficiency levels are low, your employees could be costing you money, rather than making it.


Low productivity rates in the workforce can increase the number of on-site accidents and mistakes on the job. With this information in mind, consider these useful tips to boost productivity in your service business while also growing your profits.



Invest in software to streamline business operations


Technology has saved businesses time and money in ways we never imagined even a decade ago. If you’re behind the times, you need to seriously consider investing in software specific to your business to improve profitability. Not only will using software in your business increase efficiency, but it will also declutter your office space, improve relationships with your customers, and save you money. Take a look at two popular software systems that have been adopted across the US:

  • Housecall Pro software: Housecall Pro makes a number of tailored programs for small businesses. Take, for example, their HVAC business software by Housecall Pro. If you own a small HVAC business, this software is perfect for creating automated payments, service agreements, and schedules
  • Homebase: This software is a clock-in system that is perfect for coffee shop owners and florists alike. Texts will be sent to all of your employees to drive on-time arrivals and decrease no-shows (Mike: We use Homebase at our business and have loved it)


Taking time to research software’s that fit your business needs and incorporating them into your daily operations will boost productivity in no time! From tracking business expenses to managing your employee’s calendars, there’s software for almost any need!



Create a Calendar


This goes without saying, but you’d be surprised that a majority of small business owners lack an online calendar for them and their employees to use. Without a calendar, tasks can be forgotten or delayed, which can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction. To increase productivity, use programs such as Google Calendar or Asana. These online calendars will allow employees to manage their tasks, view upcoming projects, and keep track of tight deadlines.




Treat Your Employees Well


Kindness goes a long way. Treating your employees well will increase longevity and allow them to enjoy coming to work. If an employee dreads waking up in the morning and working under your belt, they most likely won’t be giving it their all when they’re on the job. Respecting their values, treating them like humans and not machines, and creating a positive company culture will boost efficiency tenfold!


Along with treating them well, paying them well will motivate them to be better every day they show up to work. As a small business, you may not be able to pay top dollar. But, paying them with added benefits, weekly lunches, and even snacks will put a smile on their faces and show them that you care about them. 



Experiment with an alternative scheduling system


Sure, requiring a 9-5 work schedule is the norm in today’s society. But is this timeframe the most productive? Experimenting with an alternative scheduling system can increase productivity in your small service business in multiple ways.


Think about your own personal habits. Are you a morning person, or a night person? Granting your employees the autonomy of choosing to work an early morning shift, say 7-3, will allow those with families to pick their kids up from school and have more family time during dinner. Or, night owls can choose a later shift and sneak in a morning workout without having to wake up at 5 am.


Allowing your employees to choose when to work their 8-hour shift will also extend your business hours. This way, customers who are stuck in a 9-5 will be able to take advantage of your products and services offered during non-business hours. It’s a win-win!



The Bottom Line


Increasing productivity in your service business doesn’t have to be an arduous task. You live in the 21st century, so take advantage of all our technological world has to offer! Business software’s and online calendars, along with treating your employees well will make them love what they do. Flip your business around today with these tips to boost efficiency and grow your business!

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