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Good morning, Team!

Today I have my guest post published on another blog (Mr. Jamie Griffin). I have included a snippet below, but feel free to click over to Jamie’s page to read the rest!

It was a Wednesday. And if you know anything about Wednesdays, then you know we’re half-way there… Yet we still have roughly half of the work week remaining. But when it comes to toddlers, that’s the beautiful thing: they don’t care what day it is. Nor do they care the time.

Toddlers possess this beautiful innocence that allows them to say what they want, when they want, to whoever they want.

On the Wednesday in discussion, I was picking our daughter (the toddler) up from school (daycare). On my way to the building I engaged in the normal banter with the front desk staff, “How’s it going?” – “Lovely day out there” – “Looking forward to a run later” – “You have a great night too!”

I made my way down the hallway and into my daughter’s room – the “early preschool” room. As I was thinking to myself about how fast they grow up and opened the door, the heat-seeking-missile locked on and threw a leaping spear-hug into my abdomen.

Hands down the best part of my day!

Next was the daily check-in with the teachers. And because we’ve been dealing with some difficulty at nap time the last few days, I was 100% zoned-in to the post-game report. “She had a great day today and was so good at nap time!”

Perfect! That’s just the news I was hoping for. Then, like a seasoned comic senses the perfect punchline setup approaching, my toddler saw her opening and let it fly: “You’re a BOOTY SHAKER, Daddy!”

The teacher lost it and I turned clown-nosed red. Apparently, she was still a bit too young for the 90’s hip-hop introduction…


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