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Well, we had a great thing going there… For 41 Friday’s in a row, we shared with you 2 of the greatest and 2 of the worst moments from a generous writer’s life to this point in MikedUp Blog’s Wins and Losses Series.


There were debt payoffs, ejections from your kid’s little league games, diagnoses, hot takes, suicide attempts, and everything in between…


I started the Wins and Losses Series for 1 reason alone – to learn from other’s experiences so that we could all improve together. And reflecting from the other side of this series, I’d say we accomplished that mission.


But I feel the time has come to close the chapter on the series.


It’s been a great run, but honestly – I’ve got something shiny, new, and (hopefully you agree) exciting to take its place!!



I’m here today to introduce you to my new series – Current Events Friday’s (CE-Friday’s)!!


I know – it’s tough to hold in the excitement – but keep it together while I give you some deets about what’s to come in the foreseeable future.


Here’s my elevator pitch to sell you on why CE-Friday’s are good for you and the blog.


In 500 words or less, either I or a select few guest bloggers will cover a topic relevant to the current day-to-day (either in the news or in my personal life), extract the important information, and convey the details that you can use to gain knowledge to improve your fitness, finances, business, family, or self. Nothing is off limits and everything is fair game. A quick hit of knowledge on Friday’s to send you into the weekend better prepared and ready to win!


What do you say… Are you in???


I hope so!


Why 500 words or less? 


There are over 250 blog posts on MikedUp Blog, most of which are 1,000-10,000 words in length, thought out, researched, and edited to best cover the selected topic. Those aren’t going away, but CE-Friday’s are perfect for when you’ve got <5 minutes but still want to get some knowledge.


We’ll be able to cover more topics to spark the fires, engage dialogue, and – who knows – if we turn over a stone that leads to deeper roots, we just may cover the topic with a more in-depth post on a Monday or Wednesday.


I hope you’re as excited for this series as I am – so without further adieu, here’s installment #1:


Progress, not Perfection (CE-Friday’s #1)



I’m writing this 23 days after our second daughter (Stella) was born, and while we’re dealing with all the amazing changes and adjustments that come when adding a new member to the family – the most significant changes on an individual level occurred with my wife (obviously).


Yesterday she admitted, “I feel like this isn’t me… I just want my body back – now.” 


I can’t possibly understand what it’s like to grow a human inside of me, give birth, and then deal with all the physical and emotional changes that come with that (that’s like a level 10).


What I can do is draw from my experience of losing 65 pounds and keeping them off (level 5).


I told her in the most supportive (and cautious way possible):


“Progress, honey. Not perfection.”


I encouraged her to do 2 things… 1) To understand that she just had major surgery 3 weeks ago and to be proud of all the progress she’s made since then. And 2) to focus on making just some progress each day. 


Yes, you need to keep the end goal in mind. That’s your destination. But if you’re not focusing on winning each day and making some progress, then it’s easy to become discouraged and completely throw in the towel.


This is true with losing weight, paying off debt, growing your business’ profit, and getting your pre-pregnancy body back. 


Those mountains won’t be climbed in 1 day. However, if you’ve designed a sound plan, you are focused on your daily process, and you’ve taken your before pictures (can be actual pictures of your body, your net worth at the beginning of your debt payoff journey, etc.), there will come a day when you have achieved your goals.


That day won’t be today and it may not be in the next 3 months. But it’s out there… lurking. And if you have the discipline and focus, eventually – you’ll find it.



What are you doing today to make progress toward your goals? Let us know in the comments below. 


Thanks for reading!


If you’re interested in discovering a better version of yourself – whether with fitness, finance, or family – then subscribe below to MikedUp Blog’s FREE newsletter and let’s improve together!


I’m glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike
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  1. Well this new series has some pretty big shoes to fill as the one it is replacing had some great content (I remember an amazing one in particular written by someone who goes by the name Xrayvsn or something like that). He was articulate, intelligent, funny, I mean I could go on and on and on…. LOL

    Well glad I made it in your series before you pulled the plug on it 🙂

  2. I mean, the guy’s a doctor… His parents must be so proud already. Then you add on the other benefits and we’re just getting into crazy territory here!!

    I was so fortunate to have so many great contributors to the series, Xray – and I wont forget that you stood up and said, “I’ll help” at a time when the series was just an idea. It’s because of buds like you that make this blogging thing that much more worth it. I appreciate it!

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