To New Beginnings, Well-Wishes, and a Heart-Felt “Thank You”

To New Beginnings, Well-Wishes, and a Heart-Felt "Thank You"

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Keeping on brand with my “Year of Change,” and after receiving a shocking 2-weeks notice from one of our 5 employees, I will be officially ‘retiring’ from my cushy state job as a forensic scientist today – March 8, 2019 – after 7.5 years on the job. And although my wife, coworkers, and (former) boss all have an issue with me using the word ‘retirement’ 😉 – the facts are that I’ll no longer be working where I’ve worked for over 7 years. I’ll not be collecting that ‘very nice’ paycheck with it’s ‘very nice’ benefits. And frankly – I’m both terrified and overjoyed…


This is the farewell email I sent to my coworkers earlier, and as you can tell – this place left a huge mark on my life.


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…To New Beginnings, Well-Wishes, and a Heart-Felt “Thank You”



I’ll be striking it out on a new adventure that I am incredibly excited for! But I didn’t think it would be this difficult to say goodbye see you later to the friends and colleagues who’ve been with me for so many stages of life – and, wouldn’t you know it… I’ve got some thoughts on the matter.



The success of an organization is entirely dependent on its people. 


The ones who walk the halls day in and out. Those who answer the phones, meet the customers, and pull the levers to make the widgets. But those front line troops are only as good as the sergeants, lieutenants, and generals above them.


All in unison, this ladder of an organization must work to be successful. And all it takes is one chink in the armor. One lieutenant who is out of line, a general who can’t see the entire battlefield or one lever that doesn’t get pulled… Just one can be catastrophic, sending a cascading ripple throughout the organization to ultimately lead to its demise.


That’s why when an organization just works, I admire it so much – and look upon it with so much respect.



There comes a point when you’ve been doing something for long enough that the work will get old and stale. Pulling the levers just doesn’t have the same allure on Day 2,620 (how many days I’ve been here) as it does on Day 2.


And no matter when that day comes for you on your line, pulling your levers, and making your widgets, there will be one thing left to stoke your professional fire. Something that gets you out of bed, into uniform, and back on your line…


And it’s the same thing that was there on Day 1. It hasn’t changed in concept – only in form, behavior, and in the way that it interacts with you on a personal level. 1 thing that gets you back for Day 2,621…


It’s the people. 


Whether it’s the customers you serve, the generals who steer your organization, the lieutenants who carry out the orders, or the widget makers who stand next to you – day in and day out. The people will keep you coming back and enjoying the moments, making the memories, and impacting your life in a way you may not see until they’re no longer there.


In my time at this job, we’ve made some amazing memories and done some incredible things together. We’ve:
  • Worked out (and gotten swole!)
  • Trained
  • Traveled
  • Learned new techniques for work
  • Bickered
  • Argued
  • Made amends
  • Seen each other get married
  • Had children
  • Commiserated over a lack of sleep (child-related or not)
  • Helped each other through injuries, difficult days, and emotionally tough times
  • Grown as individuals and as a Team
  • Played games (and won championships 😉)
  • Shared countless stories and memories outside of work
  • Broken bread
  • Buried a friend…


And through it all – still that constant that keeps us coming back for more…


The people


And that’s why saying ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you later’ today is so difficult. I’ll miss the daily interactions, the work we do that it so vitally important, and the progress we’ve made as an organization. But more than all that – I’ll miss you.


I hope that this organization will continue to see the importance of its most critical resource and nurture it. Because the most difficult part for me saying goodbye today is knowing that this chapter, these conversations, and new memories here are coming to an end. Thank you for all of those.


I’ll miss you all and I wish you all the best. 


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  1. Congratulations on your moving ahead. I’m sure this was a well planned and thought out decision for you and your family. The experiences and relationships built will always be a special piece of who you are. Here’s to a fulfilling next chapter with everything you have gained from the last.

  2. This is great. I love how you left on a positive note. Instead of giving your coworkers the finger. 😀 I would love to eventually do this, but we are a ways off. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Chris – Thanks so much for reading and for leaving your comments. I had my days at that job (as do most), but the relationships made and the memories had are some of the best in my life. It would be foolish to end that period in time with a black mark on my account.

      Good luck on your journey and thanks again for stopping by, sir!

  3. Congratulations on a new chapter. It is sad to leave people especially when they are now like family. Same thing happened with every training as a doctor. What makes it easier is that you are leaving to better yourself, not like a bad breakup.

    Stay awesome my friend and Breathe Easy. 😎

    1. Thanks so much for reading and for your comments, Doc! It’s so true – I was completely ready to go but I really enjoyed all the relationships and memories. Thanks for your thoughts and easy breathing is a goal of mine 😉

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