New ‘Start here’ page added to the site

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Hi Team!

In an effort to add features to MikedUp Blog we have just added a Start here page to the site.

The idea is to give new readers a quick glimpse into who we are, what to expect from the blog, and why we’re here. Take a minute to click on the link above and check it out. If you’re looking for a little more info about me – check out the about Mike page or email me.

In separate news – we had great response from our article about Jon and Heather (the young couple paying off oodles of student loan debt in little time). If you haven’t read this one yet – I recommend the read. If you have, no worries, we have more interview/project pieces in the works.

As always, Thank you for reading! We appreciate you being here and look forward to sharing more in the coming days. If you’re enjoying the site – please share it with a friend. Thanks again!


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