MikedUp Blog’s No-BS Promise to “The Team”

MikedUp Blog's No-BS Promise to "The Team"

It’s currently 8:47pm on Tuesday evening as I write these words right here… And as of right now I have no post to publish tomorrow at 0533 – Wednesday, October 24. It’s not because I’ve procrastinated and just didn’t do it. Or because I have no other post to slot into this timeframe in a pinch… I actually have posts scheduled out for the next 3 weeks, but I’m not using one of those today.


You see, I had a guest post scheduled to run today titled: “How Bad Financial Habits Might Actually Be Great For You” 


But in an honest moment, I disagreed with the tone, points, and just about everything of substance in the article… I was going to sell it to you as – “C’mon, all. Let’s see the alternate viewpoint and make an informed decision.” But that would’ve been a lie. There weren’t useful things to pull from the post.


That being said, up until 5:00 Tuesday night when I asked my wife for her opinion on the matter – I still had the post scheduled to run. (She told me, “It’s your site – if you’re not comfortable running the article, don’t run it.” — Monica: 172 – The Field: 0 )


Why did I still have it scheduled yesterday? Well, honestly – publishing posts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday is a difficult thing to do. Then, add on that they need to actually be good, and it gets progressively more difficult. And while I receive more than a few offers to write guest posts for the site every day, it can be easy to just open up the gates and let any old thing through.


Back when I had 3 readers, that wouldn’t be such a terrible thing.


But fortunately, MikedUp Blog now sees many multiples more than 3 readers every day


And if we’re keeping the honesty train moving forward, I had been ruminating (SAT word… Nice) over this decision of whether to publish that article all day. And because I couldn’t definitively sell myself, I decided that there’s no chance I’m going to try and sell you.


So I pulled the article that I had edited, re-written, bought Pinterest images for, and scheduled to run tomorrow… And I’m doing this instead:


MikedUp Blog’s No-BS Promise to “The Team”


When you read this portion of the article, you should know that I’m marrying MikedUp Blog’s Mission Statement to the movie Jerry Maguire




A phenomenal motion picture with a great narrative… and it also prominently featured a mission statement – so I thought it only fitting. (There are ton’s of other parallels that are coming to mind right now, but it’s not the time or place… OK – he’s a sports agent and I refer to my readers as “The Team”, Dude loves sports and same here, The whole movie is centered around a love story and I say, “I always root for love” at least 4 times a week – just ask my wife, and on Jerry’s last day at his ‘first big-time’ job – he took home with him the love of his life and a fish… I met my wife at my first ‘real’ job… while I was studying tropical freshwater fish… Do you need more than that? OK – Let’s move on).


ms s5M6ca


How we got here


ms QKJtQw


At some point, you either subscribed (THANK YOU!!!), clicked on a post, or saw something MikedUp Blog related on social media. And whatever the impetus (another SAT word), you ultimately “read” a page on my site…


And believe me, at that moment you made my day. You reached out to say, “Hello” and from that moment forward – I wanted to show you that you made the right call.


I wanted to reward you with the best available content that impacted your day in a positive way. I wanted to, “SHOW YOU THE MONEY!!!”


ms 3feADL


But somewhere along the line, I got caught up with a self-imposed quota of posting 4 times per week. And rather than making sure I had a sentry at the gates, I almost let a Trojan Horse into our castle in the form of a subpar post.




Thankfully, my wife is a saint, my editor is a saint (two separate people), and I have two ears… because I listened to both of those people when they told me to, “Do what you feel is right.” And what’s right for my site is what’s right for YOU – the reader – The Team!




So I will honor your initial offering of a hello. I will protect your trust in my site and the content that we produce. And damnit – I will do what’s best for you through this site. That’s my promise to you.


MikedUp Blog’s Mission Statement


As I say in my “Start Here” page:


“My blog’s purpose is to help you improve in many aspects of your life, including personal finance, fitness, small business ownership, family relationships, and more!”


We are literally here to help YOU! And while putting out content on a regular basis is actually vital to helping our readers improve, it’s counterproductive if that content is either mediocre or subpar.


My vow to The Team – The only posts that will be published on MikedUp Blog will be great posts. Content that inspires, teaches, informs, and entertains. Nothing less. Period.


ms oLkiHd
The result of Jerry’s mission statement… He got fired


While Jerry Maguire’s Mission Statement ultimately got him fired, I’d argue that producing that document was the most important thing he’d ever done. It jumpstarted his career, put his back against the wall, and brought him closer to his future wife… I always root for love.



I will conclude tonight’s mission statement/Jerry Maguire mashup with a MikedUp Blog original story… It’s short and sweet.


It is now 9:46 pm (not too bad…) and I’m laying in the hallway outside of my 3.5-year-old daughter’s bedroom. And I can’t stop thinking about something crazy that happened just about 90 minutes ago.


Clara and I had just finished up with bath time and as we went to give mom a kiss goodnight before evening prayers and reading, Clara and I were working on our rhyming words.


“Daddy!! Bat and cat… That’s a good one.”


“That is a good one, sweetie…”


Then she asked me to do a rhyming word – I obliged (SAT word?). Mom took a turn next and crushed it. We were on a roll when I said, “Alright Clara. One more before bed, then we kiss mommy goodnight. Deal?”


“Deal, Daddy…”


“OK, sweetie. What’s your rhyming word?”


“Daddy!! I have a good one!! Ready??” We nodded…


She continued. “Chris… and… piss!!! That’s a good one!!”



Reader’s Input


While I haven’t processed how to respond to my daughter’s rhyming words yet… I’ll take comments on those in addition to your thoughts on my promise to The Team – YOU. This site and your trust in it means a great deal to me and if you’re compelled to leave a comment below – I’d love to keep the discussion moving forward. Thank you!


Thanks for reading!


If you’re interested in discovering a better version of yourself – whether with fitness, finance, or family – then subscribe below to MikedUp Blog’s FREE newsletter and let’s improve together!


I’m glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike
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