We Made the Sweet 16 in This Year’s Rockstar Rumble! (Can you Help One More Time??)

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Team!!!! (Beware: many exclamation points below)


We’ve made it into the Sweet 16 of this year’s Rockstar Rumble (which started with a whopping 128 bloggers)!!!


That’s 128 different bloggers from all over the globe who each cover their own niche within the online personal finance community.


Honestly, I was just happy to be invited this year (my first time), but to have made the sweet 16 is beyond a great blogging treat for me! And I really can’t believe it…


First off – thank you so much to all who have taken the time to read my post and the posts I’ve been up against. And also, thank you so much to all who have voted!!


Secondly – I’m asking for another big favor


Can you please take the 30 seconds to:

  • Head over to the Rockstar Rumble – By Using This Link
  • Scroll down to game #6
  • And please vote for my post – “Wealthier”


All the bloggers left in this year’s Rumble are some combination of uber talented and uber famous, so little ‘ole underdog ‘Mike’ needs all the support he can get.


Can I count on you to help me out with a vote? I’ll be in your debt! (I’ll be double in your debt if you’d ask a friend to vote for my post as well!)


Thanks so much for this quick break from normally scheduled posts – which we will get back to tomorrow. Every single one of you readers is a rockstar and I have never been as excited to be blogging as I am now. Thanks to all of you!


Have a great week,


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