Who Knew – your Old Cell Phone Can Make you Money?

Who Knew - your Old Cell Phone Can Make you Money?

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When in doubt – give your old phones to your toddlers…


We had played the game about three times up to this point and (as a personal failure) I was increasingly stressed-out with each iteration.


You see, my 2.5yo daughter found extreme pleasure in pressing a button on the remote and seeing the picture and words change up on the TV. She had all the power – and loved every minute (FYI – that last point hasn’t changed).


The thing was, though, that dad had been enjoying his favorite team’s opening game. It was the 4th quarter, things were tight, and let’s face it – there are only 14 games each year for this particular team (if we’re lucky).


And after the 3rd time of being ‘polite’ and/or ‘nice’ and gently asking my daughter, “Honey, please don’t do that until this show is over.” I stood up, ripped the remote from her hands, changed the channel, and put the control up on the mantle (out of reach for her 2.5yo frame)…


Was I either a good parent or a nice person at that moment? Negative.


She cried, I apologized, and we turned the game off (paused) until I had some free time later in the day.


It was a failure of mine to lose my temper, but we learned a few things that day:


  1. Baby girl likes all the power, control, remotes, and electronics she can get her hands on
  2. Dad needs to quit Twitter and watch his favorite games and matches at 9:30pm after the ladies are asleep
  3. What if there was a way to give her a ‘dummy’ electronic that still made noises, changed pictures, and still looked like a “mommy and daddy phone”… but wasn’t – Could that keep her satisfied and keep our phones safe from destruction or, at least, safe from deletion of all our pictures…?


Our daughter’s obsession with electronics didn’t stop with remotes. She had to have her hands on Mom and Dad’s cell phones whenever possible as well.


It’s really remarkable, but she’d learn to scroll through pictures, surf (kids) YouTube, and occasionally call grandma when mom and dad would least expect it…



Because we had no idea what to do with our old cell phones – we’d just let our daughter go crazy with them


And there she’d go, mashing buttons, pressing screens, and cycling through photos while she told her imaginary friends all about the workout she just did with her family.


It really was adorable, but at the same time – I didn’t realize that there was another option we had available for our old phones… And one that paid us good money, at that.



I recently learned of SellCell.com and the pleasant alternative it offered compared with my screen-mashing toddler


Just a quick rundown of current offers I’m seeing on SellCell:


  • iPhone 7+ $316
  • iPhone 7 $226
  • iPhone 6S $149
  • iPhone 6 $117
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 $194
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ $225


Nothing to shake a stick at when you’re weighing the options of either upgrading to a new phone or device, or if you’re like us and just hanging on to those older cell phones for no good reason.


SellCell also purchases tablets and other devices your toddlers may have lying around 😉



Here’s a rundown of how the selling process works


(From SellCell’s site)


  1. Search for your device – Using the site’s search bar
  2. Choose the best deal – SellCell’s unique search compares prices from all the leading phone recycling companies in the US and then shows you all available options – leading to their Best Price Guarantee
  3. Ship your cell phone – Follow the site’s quick and easy instructions to send your phone to your chosen buyer
  4. Get paid – Once the phone is received and inspected, you’re paid via your method of choice. Simple.


SellCell’s service and Best Price Guarantee has earned them the top spot for old cell phone trade-in companies in the US as well as good press from some publications you may have heard of…


Perhaps if you’re looking to either upgrade to a new phone or just pick up some extra cash for the old phones you may have in your toddler’s toy bin, SellCell could be a solid option for you. Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve tried them out in the past or if you’re considering doing so now.


The next time we upgrade, I know what we’ll be doing with our older phones.

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