Getting Started with Exercise? Never Miss a Monday

Do you know what percentage of your week is equal to 3 half hour workouts? 0.9%.   Let’s go bold and say we’re going to tackle four hour-long workouts. Throw in 15 minutes a piece for drive time. That’s 5 solid hours devoted to exercise and your overall health. Ok, 5 hours is a huge chunk of time, right? We couldn’t take that away from the kids, work, cocktail hour, Facebook, election coverage, or The Bachelor. That’d be ridiculous. What if I told you that is only 3% of your week? Could you sacrifice 3% – for you? Let’s come back to this.   I equate achieving some level of fitness to pushing a boulder up and over a hill. Standing at the bottom looking up seems daunting, insurmountable, and like a waste of time, I get it – but it’s possible. Also, once you reach the top it’s much […]

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