Shout-out: Mr. Money Mustache (Why bitcoin is stupid)

Hello all! Our Saturday morning shout-outs highlight a post/article/book/other that I’ve come across lately that deserves exactly that: a ‘shout-out.’ The goal here is to hopefully introduce my readers to other authors or bloggers that have had an impact on me, my writing, and my life.   This week’s shout-out is: Mr. Money Mustache’s Why bitcoin is stupid …(and this one is action-packed, let me tell you) Oh, my… If you’ve found yourself hearing about ‘bitcoin,’ ‘blockchain,’ or ‘cryptocurrency,’ but you still don’t understand exactly what this relatively new form of currency is all about… Or if you’re thinking about investing in this new ‘investment’… then this is the article to get you started.   You can probably tell by the title what Mr. Money Mustache’s stance is on the subject but you may or may not know much about the author himself. In my rudimentary opinion, Mr. Money Mustache is […]

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