This week: What are personal finance bloggers wrong about?

No question, some of the best things about starting a blog that dabbles in personal finance are the relationships I’ve formed with other bloggers. I’ve never been one to hold virtual friendships in high regard, but these are new times, and these are some knowledgeable and, at times, like-minded individuals. The other thing? They also think talking about numbers sounds like a good time.   With these friendships made through Twitter, Google searches, or other social media platforms come the opportunity to discuss topics we’re passionate about, comment on each other’s posts, and guest post occasionally on other sites. It’s good for the readers to get exposed to other points of view and, let’s be honest, it’s nice to share some clicks now and then, too.   I say all of this to introduce a new approach to this week’s posts.    One of the bloggers I’ve talked with recently […]

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