I Remove Collision Insurance – We Get in a Collision

I Removed Collision Insurance - We Get in a Collision #Saving #AutoInsurance #Budget #Accident

File this under the “full disclosure” section of MikedUp Blog… Last week I wrote all about the awesome financial benefits we’d have by removing collision auto insurance from our decade-old vehicles.   “It’ll be great,” I said. “We’ll save hundreds… or thousands if we can stay in these cars for a few more years.” And in my defense, I wasn’t wrong on that point. But there’s that word: ‘if’   Well, it just so happens that one of our vehicles was in a collision… Precisely 3 weeks after I wrote the initial post and subsequently stopped the collision insurance. And as it turns out, there aren’t a ton of savings via lower premiums in 3 weeks. So the benefits of removing collision insurance on that car were about, roughly, close-to… $0.   And zero cents.     Ok, now that those numbers are out of the way – here’s the […]

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How to Track Expenses – Methods That Work and Some I Hate

How to Track Expenses - Methods That Work and Some I Hate #personalfinance #expenses #tracking #budgeting #financialplanning

Team – Today we are fortunate enough to have another “Mailbag” post to share with you! Matt reached out a few weeks ago asking for some context about how to track expenses. I thought the question was a great one and because I had more than a few lines to write – I thought this made for a great Mailbag candidate post!   (Photo courtesy of Justin Montemarano)   I’ll let Matt set up his question about how to track expenses:     Hi Mike,     I just read your article from business insider. I related to a lot of aspects of your families story, and at the exact same spot in life. More exciting to me was the relatability of you and your wife’s approach to finances. I’ve been looking for a better way to track our families daily expenses, and I’m wondering what you use to track daily expenses?   […]

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Shout-out: What I learned teaching middle schoolers how to make a budget (Jamie Griffin)

What I learned teaching middle schoolers how to make a budget by Jamie Griffin   Jamie is a fellow personal finance blogger that I’ve worked with in the past (How to set up legal documents for new baby) and he continues to write knowledgeable and helpful content. This post is no different. Jamie is a middle school teacher and his school provides a regular ability for the teachers to pitch an elective class to teach the students. It can be almost any topic, as long as it’s educational and the students are willing and interested to try it out. This time around, Jamie offered to teach kids how to budget, and admittedly – he was worried no students would be interested.   Wow was he wrong! This post gives us a great overview of how much these 6-8th graders already know and understand about money and the truth may be shocking! […]

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No, Not Everyone Needs a Budget (guest blogger – Dan)

This week, MikedUp Blog is attempting to answer the question, “What are personal finance bloggers collectively wrong about?” My contribution posted Tuesday, while Dan from Pennies and Dollars has provided his take below. Here’s a link to the intro post (from Monday) if you’re looking for more details. And as always, thanks for reading!   -Mike   The personal finance community is obsessed with budgets. And for good reason.   Budgets are the roadmap for our finances, and most people tend to go astray without a budget in place.   However, there’s a tendency in the personal finance community to deliver budget ultimatums. To be clear, not everyone is guilty. Some personal finance writers take a balanced and measured tone to budgeting. But I’m certainly guilty of budgeting ultimatums! I’ve stated in no uncertain terms that everyone needs a budget. And I know I’m not alone. The kind host of this blog […]

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