The good, the bad, and the perplexing – business relationships over the past year

The amount of information I’ve learned throughout the process of buying and running a business is laughable. For many reasons.   1) We thought we knew what we were doing before we got started – ha. 2) Who knew that a dental practice manager needs to know how many Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) an HVAC unit needs to output per square foot of office space? – I didn’t 3) Some people are truly kind, good-hearted, and want to see you succeed. Other’s could care less once you no longer matter to their bottom line. …   – And the most important thing I’ve learned – …   9672) Relationships are the most important key to long-term success (caveats: we’ve been in business for just over 4 months now and this is an assumption, but I don’t foresee a scenario where this isn’t true).   Customers, business partners, employees, your […]

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