Is it Ever ‘OK’ to Lease a Car?

(Photo courtesy of MKulp Photography)   “Alright, class. Hands up if you’ve ever leased a car…” As the instructor deliberately surveys the group, her eyes can’t help but land on the guy in the back row with his hand up.   He’s wearing a bro-tank with his hand about 3 inches above his head at just the precise level where he could either be admitting that he’s leased a car or that he’s going for a quick swipe of the forehead… It’s just too difficult to know for sure.   As the instructor studies further, she sees the text on his bro-tank…  It reads the title of some obscure personal finance blog she’s heard of. The instructor points… “You, there. You have leased a car???”   The embarrassed but proud gentleman raises his arm above the threshold and nods his head. “Two actually…”   “WHAT!?!?!?”     Although my nightmare […]

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