Baby Steps Can Lead to Big Time Money Results

Baby Steps Can Lead To Big Time Money Results #debtfree #networth #studentloans #debtpayoff

Hi, Team! I’m thrilled to bring you this story of how Dr. Jeff (the Debt Free Doctor) and his wife used their hybrid version of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans on his way to a 7-figure net worth. Dr. Jeff is an impressive guy, and with my wife and I owning and operating our own dental practice – I’ve already learned a great deal from Jeff. But the best part about this story – you don’t have to be a doctor to take some great debt payoff lessons with you! If you’re looking for more stories about how tough, hard-working people have paid off tons of debt, I have this one about Jon and Heather and this one about my first client. But today isn’t about my posts, it’s about an inspirational family achieving great results through discipline and hard […]

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Client #1 eliminated all credit card debt – AGAIN – and finally feels free!

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  “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach that man to fish and feed him for life…” – Chinese Proverb   Well, Lana (my first financial counseling client) was given a proverbial fish a few years ago, and although the financial hunger of credit card debt had subsided temporarily, guess what…? It came back in a big way. And before Lana had realized, she was in over her head in unnecessary credit card debt that equated to about 20% of her annual salary. What was the interest rate on that debt, you ask? 21%. Yeah. Lana was in for a world of hurt unless some changes were made. NOW. Here’s how it went down:   (Photo by MKulp Photography)   It wasn’t a lack of interest or desire, rather just a lack of some concrete plan. Something to believe in that Lana could latch onto […]

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Discipline equals financial freedom (Jon and Heather II)

Remember these two?   If you missed the original article, check it out here. Either way, here’s a brief refresher:   In the spring (2016) I wrote an article about Jon and Heather – a young, 20-something couple embarking on their life together. There was a wedding, apartment, a couple of new jobs, and a dumpster-diving brother-in-law (yes, you read that right – see the link above for that story). And as with many millennial couples, there was the albatross of student loans hanging around the young couples neck. About $89,000 worth.   But that’s not all…    There was also a plan. Some termed the plan as crazy; others – inspirational. We’ll leave that up to you. Essentially, the plan was to eliminate the student loan debt. And eliminate it as fast as possible.   Last we heard from these 2, they had paid off close to $52,000 in 8 months!! This was in […]

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These two are on track to pay off $89,000 in student loans in 15 months – and they didn’t win the lottery

  …Noah Syndergaard (Pitcher for the New York Mets) is standing on the mound and staring intently at his catcher’s movements. He seems satisfied as he stands tall and mean mugs the runner on second. It’s the bottom of the 9th and that guy represents the tying run. He cannot advance. Syndergaard winds and delivers…   “Was it a strike?” Jon’s mind searches for the answer as he is roused from the dream by something gently poking his cheek. He realizes the dream is gone as consciousness overcomes him.   Now it feels like there are a few tiny sticks prodding his cheek so he swings and grabs. Nothing bothering his face but now it’s in his hand. Jon opens his eyes to find… a Boxelder bug (a stink bug). Not cool man. He sits up and sees them all over his room. He’s living with 6 other guys and initially chalks […]

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