So you Want to Teach your Kids About Money but Don’t Know How?

So you Want to Teach your Kids About Money but Don't Know How?

  In this Current Events Friday’s Post (CE-Friday’s), I’ll be letting you know about a brand new way to help parents teach their kids about money – and have fun doing it – with Family Money School.   CE-Friday’s – “What you need to know today in less than 500 words”     Alright, Team, one thing to mention up front – if you like what you see in the product below and decide to make a purchase through one of the links in this post, I’ll get a small kickback for referring you to the course at no extra cost to you.   Why do I mention that?    Well, a couple of reasons… I’m next to positive it’s the law, I value your trust and try to be as transparent as possible with all the content on this blog, and I’ve never directly pitched a product on the […]

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The business of fitness – with Mighty Mick

Mighty Micks is not only a gym in my hometown, but it is also a place to gather, improve together, and better our fitness levels as one group, one community, and… dare I say, one family. This is the story of my entrance into Mighty Micks and the man that brought it all together.     Yeah, honey… I had a good workout   I was in the living room, on the ground, staring up at the rotating blades of the ceiling fan. My heart was beating through my ribs and sending percussion waves to the glass of water on the table next to me (slight exaggeration). It was in the low 90s outside with what felt like 100% humidity. That, for some reason, seemed irrelevant during my earlier decision making process. Oh, and I was coming out of a 5 day’er (sickness) that came complete with fever, aches, pains, […]

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Mike’s top 5 podcasts of 2016: and why I’m listening

(Photo by SMW) What is a podcast and why are they becoming so popular?   Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded to your device and listened to whenever you’d like, without an internet connection. It’s similar to when we would download music to our iPods or Zunes a few years back (look out early 2000s). They’re on-demand radio shows.   What’s with all the hype?   From current sports updates to ancient history and pop culture to politics… There’s a podcast for that. You into meta-learning? I have 1 (well… 2). Interested in starting a business? Startup would be a good place to begin.   The point is – there’s something for everybody. No matter where you are in life, a podcast can help you progress from there to where you want to be. There’s a catch, though… All this information is available but is all of it reliable.   Short […]

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