My Wife Made Twice My Salary Last Year – So I Cut Her Pay…?

My Wife Made Twice My Salary Last Year - So I Cut Her Pay...? #income #marriage #femalebreadwinner #communication

I am a red-blooded 207 pound driven former-athlete of a man that feels the intrinsic drive to provide for his family. I am evolutionarily wired to protect, provide, and reproduce, and whether I like it or not – many of my decisions are subconsciously influenced by these long-established forces that are well beyond my control. So, when I tell you that I cut my wife’s salary by 75% last year – does any part of you think it was because my ego couldn’t handle her being the female breadwinner…?   (I’ll get back to that)   (Photo courtesy of MKulp Photography)     Before you get out the slings and arrows, let me start with some facts – then some clarification   My wife is a dentist who owns our family business – 100%. And although I currently work a day job as a forensic scientist, many of my nights […]

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Negotiate EVERYTHING – from a position of strength (financial pillar #8)

Check out the complete list of Financial Pillars Here   I’ve come to find (through experience and research) that whether you’re trying to pay, earn, save, or break even, many things in life are negotiable.   “Negotiate” – 1) Obtain or bring about by discussion, or – 2) Find a way over or through (an obstacle or difficult path).   The word ‘negotiate’ used to feel sleazy to me. It just didn’t sit right in my mind. I would hear negotiate and think that someone was trying to get over on someone else. Pull a fast one. Or to strong-arm someone into getting them to do something they didn’t want to.   It’s true that some may have this mindset and take this approach to use negotiation as a ploy to get what they want, but from my recent experiences and from learning from and reading some works by the most successful people […]

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