“You’re Crazy to Have a Single Fund Portfolio…”

"You're Crazy to Have a Single Fund Portfolio..."

  I saw a headline during my morning blog reading the other day that jumped out to me as ‘crazy talk’. I guess as far as the blogger is concerned, the headline worked – it grabbed my attention. But once I gave up the sacred click and dove into his post, I started thinking to myself that a single fund portfolio is reckless, at best. And at worst – catastrophic.    “Investing in a single fund portfolio is just downright crazy,” was my stance    Then all I had to was find the information to back up my claim…    #ScienctificMethod   As I researched and contemplated over the course of a few days, my data backed up my hypothesis. Not diversifying is dangerous.     But on Research Day 3 – I noticed a scarlet letter forming on my chest   “H” is for “Hypocrite”, Mike.    Or   “F” […]

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Entrepreneurship Uncensored – The Good, Terrible, and… Bankruptcy?!?

Actually owning a business - The Good, Terrible, and... Bankruptcy???

  Two years ago we pulled the trigger on something crazy… Something that would change the course of our family’s financial future in a significant way – good or bad. My wife and I bought a dental practice on June 30, 2017, and in the time since that purchase we’ve learned, grown, sobbed, soared to new heights, and everything in between. Owning a business isn’t a walk in the park…   This is the story of that journey, probably in it’s best iteration – told nearly entirely through GIFs.    They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, these GIFs are made up of a few pictures each, and there are about 30 of them so – I’ve got about 100,000 words down here. Enjoy the ride!   (Photo courtesy of Justin Montemarano)     Actually owning a business – The Good, Terrible, and… Bankruptcy???   My wife never […]

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When the Status Quo Can’t Make you Wildly Wealthy but This Can…

When the Status Quo Can't Make you Wildly Wealthy but This Can...

  In a sweet Inception-like game, I wrote this post which was originally published on The Money Mix. It’s all about how we’ve used small business loans to advance our business and personal finances, and it’s packed with actionable intel. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!     “One hundred fifty thousand on the build-out, two hundred seventy-five on the business, and another couple hundred on the goodwill…” It was like a sick and twisted math problem, circa 1st grade, just adding up all the small business loans we had taken out. Was I stressed and burnt out, and (in an honest moment) just a little terrified…?   I was.   But, at the same moment, I would also admit to feeling as professionally “alive” as I had ever felt in the past. There we were, a married couple in our early thirties and now business partners. […]

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