Well… We bought a dental practice!!! (“The Project”)

You may be thinking to yourself, “Wait. He’s not a dentist…?”   Correct you are. My wife, on the other hand – 100% Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).   I’m writing this article in June of 2017, and as we near our closing date (June 30, 2017) on “the practice” (hereinafter referred to as Monfredi Family Dental – I’ve read so many documents written by lawyers lately…), I cannot wait to share much of what we’ve been through in the past 7-ish months (we started the process for buying this practice in December 2016).   I’ve heard some people that I have great respect for say recently, “…Getting an MBA can be a huge waste of time and money. You should just start a business. At least that way you have a chance to make your money back…”   Well… We indirectly took them up on that offer.   And, although […]

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