Can’t Exercise When you Have the Kids?? Think Again

Can't Exercise When you Have the Kids?? Think Again

I’m not a stay-at-home dad but I’ve had a few Saturdays with Monica away at a baby/bridal shower and the girls staying home with me. On her way out the door there’s a quick rundown of the schedule, a couple of last-minute ‘don’t forgets,’ and the statement question – “You’re good, right?” I have her full confidence, no doubt, but she’s known me for over a decade and in the back of her mind she understands that I’m cooking up a list of easy exercises for me and the little ones to knock out while mom’s away.   I’ve got this whole, “lost 65 pounds, higher energy level, on-my-shoulder-whispering angel thing,” reminding me that I never miss a Monday and that I’ll need to squeeze at least a 30-minute workout into this day.   How, then, can I have a tremendous – memory generating – Saturday with my daughters and […]

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Who is the Fittest Personal Finance Blogger?

Who is the Fittest Personal Finance Blogger? #fitnessbloggers #fitness #health #exercise #gainz

Ohhh, do I have a treat for us today!! I’ve gathered up all of the fitness bloggers (actually, financial bloggers) in the world (who were within shouting distance and wanted to take part), took them out of their mom’s basements (they’ll be back before dinner, moms…), and I issued them a challenge (and asked a few questions)! What was that challenge? “Where are you at with your current fitness level? Where would you like to improve in the months ahead? How will you get there? And perhaps the most important question – Who is the fittest financial blogger of them all?!?!?   There can only be one!   jkjk – it’s not like I’m competitive or anything (don’t ask my wife or any of my friends or family, OK – cool). 😉   Here, your favorite personal finance ‘nerds’ will see if we have the chops to be “fitness bloggers”   […]

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How to Get ahead of the calories – a Thanksgiving strategy

How to Get Ahead of the Calories - A Thanksgiving Strategy #fitness #calories #exercise #activity #discipline

This is not a research-backed, peer-reviewed, piece on how to get/stay healthy during the coming holiday season. If that’s what you’re looking for, please see Mel’s – our clinical research nurse – post (Healthy holiday tips). There, she’ll help guide you to make smart choices in terms of portions, meals, and food items while still enjoying fellowship and family during the season.   This post is for a different crowd. The crowd that knows Thanksgiving is a few days away and that means 3 things:   1) The best food day of the year is upon us 2) We get to hang out with family, watch football, and play games 3) Did I mention – the best food day of the year is upon us    For those of us who know that bad caloric decisions are in our immediate future, no amount of portion control or, “Which pie type has fewer […]

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The Simple Way I Lost 65-Pounds – For Good!

Achieving a greater level of fitness is simple. But it’s not easy. It can be so easy to get caught up in complicated plans and detailed workout schedules… After a decade of struggling with my weight, I found out the truth – that there is a simple way to lose weight… You just have to work your butt off.   How would I know? Well, about 7 years ago I looked in the mirror and saw a version of myself that I didn’t respect. And for some reason, at that moment I decided to make a change in my life.   I started eating better, exercising more intentionally, and getting better sleep. And although I knew that this transformation and weight loss wouldn’t happen overnight, I started making gradual progress. Each and every day… One day after the next.   Then I looked up a year later and saw a […]

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A No-Nonsense Method to Crush Complacency

No-Nonsense Method to Crush Complacency #Goals #Progress

For the past 5 days, I had been feeling like garbage   I’d get a decent amount of sleep but wake up exhausted. My workouts were uninspired. And every time I’d sit down to start writing at night, the words I typed were wasting the digital space they occupied.   “What’s the deal here?!?” I’d say to myself. I was following my self-prescribed 10 Steps to not have a stress-induced heart attack (read: don’t burn out) that had previously worked superbly. But not this week.   I was in a rut and didn’t know how to get out   At about 11:00 on Friday morning (Day 5), I made a decision. Instead of just accepting this constant feeling of ‘blah’ – I decided to take action.   It would’ve been easy and uncomplicated to just sit in my office’s break room for 30 minutes, eat lunch, then proceed with this […]

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He walks to work every day for 4 years and I’m curious

He walks to work every day for 4 years and I'm curious

Hi, Team!   What’s below is a unique exchange between two bloggers. Scott (at Making Momentum), is a blogger I’ve come to know, respect, and learn A TON from recently. His weekly Saturday Round-Up posts may be the best I’ve seen and his combination of personal finance, fitness, and overall self-improvement posts are right up my alley.   Given the info above, I’m pretty glued to his site these days, and when his recent post about him walking to work every day for 4 years was published I was all-in! Probably equal parts respect, jealousy, and sheer wonder had my mind spinning while reading through his post.   He did a great job explaining the benefits of walking compared with driving or public transit, but the questions I had were more of a “nuts and bolts” variety (e.g. – how does he actually do this???). So I reached out on […]

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Why I Write About Physical Fitness and How YOU Benefit

Picture of Mike after a workout showing his physical fitness

I know what it’s like to be on the physical fitness path…   To be an athlete competing at the highest level of your ‘profession,’ against other fine-tuned-machines of men. Some of whom would go on to play in the NFL and earn Super Bowl rings.   My collegiate football career saw me gaining muscle, burning fat, and improving every day as I competed with my teammates on Division I (MAC Conference) Kent State Golden Flashes Football Team.   At 255 pounds, I was a Tight End / Fullback hybrid that was used primarily in the passing game. I ran a respectable 4.68 40-yard dash, and although my numbers were decent, I still had quite a ways to go. But I was on the path…   I was in the prime of my athletic career up to that point… Until one day – I wasn’t   During the course of […]

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Better with friends – Benefits of working out with others (guest blogger – Kaylee)

Hi, Team! This post comes to you from Kaylee who teamed up with Woodside to create this awesome infographic centered on a healthier you! I think they have some great tips and ideas, so naturally, I couldn’t wait to share the infographic with you. Take it away, Kaylee – Enjoy!     Everyone wants to be as healthy and strong as they can be—from day to day and year to year. But finding the time and energy, as well as the motivation, to do that can be a struggle. But there’s a widely available and immensely enjoyable method to combat that struggle: group workouts. The thing about getting healthy is, it’s easier to do with other people. That includes eating well and getting to the gym. When you workout with others, their fitness level can inspire you to improve yours, too. And when you take a class that’s led by […]

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Keep the muscle, burn the fat (guest blogger – Mel)

Mel, our resident clinical research nurse, is back to help you figure out how to keep the muscle while burning that pesky fat. She’s loving your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below or email Mike. Thanks for reading! It’s 2AM and you can’t sleep so you decide to get up and watch some TV.  Surfing to see what’s on, you stumble across some infomercials.  This one catches your sleepy eyes…  “Want to look like this?” The narrator asks. “Or this?” “… ‘Fat burn’, the latest technology in burning the fat and keeping the muscle, has been proven to transform fat into muscle in just 2 weeks!” “…Order now by calling 1-800-fat-burn and you will receive an extra…” Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep AND build muscle while we burn the fat?   The answer is – YOU can! And it’s free!  Well, almost.  It will cost […]

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Pre workout energy boost! – Guest blog (Dini)

This is a guest blog from Dini at With a passion in health and fitness and her added certifications as a fitness consultant and a weight management coach she wants to make a difference by seeing more people around the world lead a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.   What should I eat before workout? I have been asked this question quite a lot “Can you guide me on what I should eat before workout?” Nutrition before workout is very much an individual thing. The timing of your food will vary according to the time of the day you exercise as well as the type of workout you are into. What is NUTRITION? Nutrition does not mean only “food”. The definition goes way beyond…One of the distinct phases of nutrition is the intake of energy for our body to use which means understanding the different energy systems fulfilling the physiological […]

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