Discipline equals financial freedom (Jon and Heather II)

Remember these two?   If you missed the original article, check it out here. Either way, here’s a brief refresher:   In the spring (2016) I wrote an article about Jon and Heather – a young, 20-something couple embarking on their life together. There was a wedding, apartment, a couple of new jobs, and a dumpster-diving brother-in-law (yes, you read that right – see the link above for that story). And as with many millennial couples, there was the albatross of student loans hanging around the young couples neck. About $89,000 worth.   But that’s not all…    There was also a plan. Some termed the plan as crazy; others – inspirational. We’ll leave that up to you. Essentially, the plan was to eliminate the student loan debt. And eliminate it as fast as possible.   Last we heard from these 2, they had paid off close to $52,000 in 8 months!! This was in […]

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