10 Financial Musts Before Age 20

Is your ideal dream to retire at age 35? Would you like to eliminate your debt? Or do you just want to avoid the reality of living paycheck-to-paycheck that plagues about 75% of Americans? Whatever end game you desire requires discipline, hard work, and a bit of a financial education. These 10 financial musts before age 20 are designed to provide you with a tremendous foundation to achieve your financial goals.   The title implies that this article is intended for someone not yet in their 20’s, which is true, but these methods can and should be applied throughout life. The sooner you start though, the closer that financial freedom comes. It is my intention that implementing these 10 musts will help you develop good financial habits, eliminate debt, and increase savings so that no matter your dreams, they are achievable. We will be posting 2 musts every Financially Fit Friday […]

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