We eliminated $200.60 in normal spending this month – here’s how

  Photo by RNM   There comes a point for most of us when you’re looking at the monthly budget, and after considering income and fixed expenses (contracts and bills), we don’t have a whole lot left over. You scratch and claw trying to cut variable expenses (groceries, fun money, unnecessary items) and consider starting a side hustle just to create some breathing room.   I’ve done all of these and after a while it becomes just as painful as you may imagine… You get run down because you’re working so much and having no fun. You start seeing the same scenery over and over again because to switch it up and drive to another part of town costs gas money. Then, inevitably, at the end of the week (or month if you’ve got some willpower) you break down, take a night off from the side hustle, and take the […]

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