When you Accidentally Pay the Mortgage Twice in December

“…But if you paid the mortgage twice, we’d be out of money in our checking account…?” Was Monica’s inquisitive statement.   “Exactly.” – My response     Let me briefly set the “I double paid the mortgage” table here…   We’re in the heart of December now. Christmas gifts, travel plans, party preparations, and a whole heap of other activities were on the mind (and the budget). Add that to the regular bills and responsibilities… I’m probably preaching to the choir here – we’re all busy, right? ’Tis the season!   I’m crying a bit to write this, but our student loan and mortgage payments only differ by a few cents. We take advantage of the automatic withdrawal functions for both but a recent refinancing of the student loans (blog post to follow next year) was done through a new lender, and hence a new website.   The combination of a hectic season […]

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