I’m not doing that with my kid, Dad! (guest blogger – Pops; parenting advice)

Big news this week!   Below I will introduce a new guest blogger to MikedUp Blog, and depending on how this article is received, maybe we’ll be able to coerce him into writing a little more often. I’d love your thoughts in the comments below! For now, I’ll kick it off, then let the ‘new guy’ take his swing. Thanks for reading!     I was talking with my dad (Pops) on the phone the other day after a particularly long day at my first job.    After the call – next would be parenting/husbanding followed by some work on the business, and if I were so efficient, maybe some blogging. But I had a few minutes on the commute and wanted to catch up. The conversation was casual for a bit while we covered the basics: sports, business, work, retired life, etc…  When we got to the family talk though, things […]

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